Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Latest Obsession

Evening everyone! I hope you've all had good weekends? We only got back from Bath an hour or so ago so I'm just popping in quickly to share my newest "obsession". For once, it has nothing to do with food...

Christmas tree decorations!

Bath Christmas Market was full of them!

I'd seen on Katie's blog that she, her husband and her son each buy a new tree decoration each year. (<-- that doesn't actually link to the post I'm thinking of, as I couldn't find it, but it does show the decorations) I thought it was a really nice idea and decided to do the same, but somehow, between the 4 of us, we've come home with 8 new decorations!

Starbucks for me, of course, and a new travel mug too - I've been wanting one of these for ages - thanks to Maria for highlighting that they were half price today. I'd had no idea about the 12 days of offers until I read her post, but it was all the excuse I needed to buy myself a mug as well as a decoration!

When we were wandering around the Market yesterday morning, Liam chose a little jingly Santa for his decoration...

And we ended up buying three decorations each for the children! My favourites are the ones we rushed back for this afternoon, so cute with their names on. Izzy picked out the shapes, and the lady behind the stall wrote their names on as we waited.

I should have taken the gift bags off before taking the photo, but sure you get the idea!

Izzy also got an angel and a Santa. She chose the Santa herself, but was disappointed that there were no angels at the stall we went to. So when Liam and I spotted this angel before dinner last night we bought it for her, and gave it to her this morning, telling her that the angel was carrying a heart to show Izzy how much we love her! Soppy, but it worked - she spent a good half hour (which is a long time for her attention span!) going around with a big grin on her face, carrying the angel, bless!! :-D

Toby got a teddy bear decoration, which I think is so sweet, and a soft toy penguin which Liam chose - that one will be good for Toby to play with, with less fear of breakage!

There were so many more stalls we could have bought decorations from...

but we resisted...for now. We come to Bath each year for the Christmas Market as my Dad lives here, so I think decoration-buying will become a new family tradition. Hopefully next year we'll manage to buy only one decoration each though!

Do you buy new Christmas decorations each year? How do you like to decorate your home? We don't buy new decorations very often - a lot of our decorations are ones from my childhood that my Mum gave me when she decided to "go minimalist" with her tree! Now that we have some nice new decorations, Liam and I have decided to get a real Christmas tree this year rather than using the fake one that we bought cheaply a few years ago. And, I realised earlier, that whilst we now have lots of tree decorations, we hardly have any non-tree ones to go on mantelpieces/staircases etc...this new obsession could get expensive!! ;)

Right, I've put it off long enough - time to go unpack, sort out washing etc...going away for the weekend is lovely, but I never feel prepared for the start of the new week when I get back. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with a post about the rest of our weekend in Bath, once I've had time to sort through the hundreds of photos that Liam took!!


  1. They are soo soooo pretty! I love getting new decorations- we have not bought new ones each year but we have bought some nice bits from special holidays- a few years ago we went to Copenhagen for the weekend in December and bought a lovely reindeer candle holder, and we have a few disney decorations from our holidays there :) I love all the gingerbread decorations, and those classic looking ones like the ones you have chosen. Bath christmas market is now the top of my list for next year! And that is so cute about Izzy and the angel :) Oh and I love the penguin decoration. I basically love it all and share your obsession! :)

  2. The markets look amazing, so festive and cheerful.
    I have the same ASDA decorations I bought half price 12 years ago - I'm all about quality ;-)

  3. Maria - hee hee, love the enthusiasm in your comment...glad you love them all! :) Bath christmas market is fab, I definitely recommend a trip to it. I think this is the 3rd year we've been, and we'll definitely be going again next year. It's busy, but if you get the chance to stay for an evening it is so lovely - Liam and I wandered around at about 8pm last night (as well as during the day a couple of times) and it was so much easier to look at all the stalls :)

    Lara - lol, we like the supermarket decorations too - our lights and baubles are from Tesco I think, possibly Asda. My Mum actually prefers sticking to the "cleaner" looking ones like that - after reading this post she texted me saying I'm "scarily like my Father" seems it was him that liked collecting all the decorations over the years!! ;)


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