Friday, 2 December 2011

If you don't like parsnips...

...this might not be the post for you you should give them a try like this!

As my blog name would suggest, I love parsnips. They are the thing that always runs out quickest at Christmas lunch (my Mum, my Grandma and I all fight over them!) and they are just delicious. Luckily Liam loves them too, and also says his Mum never cooks enough of them at Christmas!

We never seem to cook them very often throughout the year though, especially now I don't cook meat. Last night I changed that though, using this recipe for honey roast parsnips. The recipe said to just use 1 large parsnip per person, but I used the whole 500g them!

Good excuse to use one of my new knives!

The recipe uses butter, brown sugar and honey so it certainly produced sweeter parsnips than I'm used to! They were divine though - almost candied. A good way to make yourself like parsnips, especially if you have a sweet tooth (Maria, I'm looking at you!!). I love parsnips anyway, pretty much however they are cooked. My Mum usually roasts them with maple syrup at Christmas time, but I equally like them just roasted with a bit of oil. I quite like them in stews too, but definitely prefer them roasted - it seems to bring out their natural sweetness, and I love the crispy outsides.

The extra sweetness of these went perfectly with the rest of last night's meal - a strongly flavoured blue cheese souffle (that Mum bought in M&S) and some edamame beans to freshen the plate up a bit.

The souffle did rise...but then sunk whilst I was faffing about!

Liam commented that this tasted like a restaurant meal - not bad for something that was really just using up things from the fridge/freezer! The children ate random freezer leftovers earlier in the evening as they were tired, so probably part of the reason it tasted so nice was that we ate once they were asleep. Being able to eat a meal in peace = bliss!! :)

Do you like parsnips? Are there any things you don't like that most people do? I can't stand baked beans which seems to be unusual. I remember growing up, my friends' mothers never knew what to feed me because baked beans seemed to be the standard! I don't like the texture of any beans now, which is no doubt related, but I like the taste of regular beans if they're mashed/pureed in houmous, bean burgers etc. Not a "common" food, but I also can't stand the texture of chia seeds. I've tried so many times to like them, but it's not happening. I have issues with textures it seems!

Right, quite a quick post from me today. Well, it seems like that to me in comparison to my usual waffly posts anyway! We're off to Bath this weekend, as soon as Liam gets home from work tonight, and I still have so much packing/organising to do!

I probably won't have time to post again until Monday, so have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm afraid I don't really like parsnips, but I don't mind them too much I'm they're roasted with loads of honey.
    The only thing I really don't like is liquorice - urgh! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Oh yes, I hate licorice too, and aniseed, and sambuca...all similar (same?) flavours...yuck!

    Thanks, you too! :)

  3. I love parsnips, tray roasted and all sweet and sticky are best :-)

    I can't stand marzipan and everyone else seems to love it!

  4. Ha ha thanks for the comment- I do have a sweet tooth but I am afraid I cannot eat parsnips- my mum used to try to trick me into thinking they were roast potatoes (when I dont really like them much either) and now if something has parsnip in it then the idea just puts me off. But I would go for sweet potato fries like that :)

  5. I love parsnips! My fave way to eat them is as parsnip chips or mashed. I can't do them as a soup though, far too sweet!


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