Thursday, 22 December 2011

It Was All Yellow...

If you've been wondering why I haven't posted much about my food lately (and indeed have missed the last two WIAWs, sad times) it is because there have been way too many of these type of meals for my liking...

Today's lunch - quorn bbq & cheese fillet, potato waffles, curly fries (Liam wanted both so I felt I needed to too?!!) and sweetcorn:

Tuesday dinner - breaded camembert, nachos and dips:

Monday dinner - paneer & pea curry with white rice (I normally have brown, but Liam has decided he's allergic to brown rice so I ended up cooking all white):

Monday lunch - breaded mozzarella fingers & cranberry sauce:

Random breakfast - toast with pear preserve. This is an example of a "good" breakfast, normally I just have coffee.

Urgh! I miss green vegetables! And porridge! And cooking proper meals rather than just chucking frozen "party food" into the oven!

We are also now without a car as it failed its MOT this morning and the garage don't have time to do the repairs until after Christmas (our own fault for not realising the MOT was due until past the last minute!) which doesn't help. But we are borrowing my Mum's car to do a Waitrose/Lidl shop this afternoon, so I am planning to stock up on lots of fruit and vegetables, tofu etc - we don't need any more party food! Although Liam will no doubt want more curly fries as we just used the last of them. I don't even really like this type of food - I find it way too greasy - but if Liam wants to eat it then I usually just give in and cook it for us both. I need to get some energy back and do some proper meal plans to get us back on track with eating healthy meals!

Does anyone else find that they eat more unhealthily at this time of year? Do you buy lots of frozen "party" food too? We did a Tesco shop a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying lots of breaded cheese, curly fries etc for the freezer, which we never normally do during the rest of the year. We have been relying on it too much though - it's been so busy the last few weeks that I haven't been cooking properly, but I definitely miss it. Tomorrow my only plan is to spend the whole day in the kitchen baking holiday gifts, so I will try to eat some healthy meals in between spoonfuls of cookie dough!!


  1. Hey- just saw your comment- of course I tried the nuts! For quality control of course :) They are not too sweet- they are sweet but not as sweet as the ones I have bought fresh- you know the hot ones. We used to be addicted to mozzerella sticks- Yum! But we don't tend to buy that sort of food much mainly because we only have a small freezer which is full of Andy's chilli, frozen veg and dinners I have made batches of! I am not much of a fan of frozen potato things (they remind me too much of school dinners!). He buys chips but when he has that sort of meal (eg chicken and chips and frozen veg) I will make something for myself- tofu/ something that Andy would not eat. My weakness this time of year is all the sweet things. But I think when things get busy it is not always possibly to eat perfectly so I would not worry about it. Shame about your car too- makes it much harder.

  2. I find it hard to eat well at this time of the year as there are so many treats everywhere. I tend to eat good meals throughout the day but then I still snack like crazy. Working in an office doesn't help at Christmas time too because there are always cakes, biscuits and tins of sweets everywhere!

  3. Breaded camembert, mozzarella ...... you are making me droooooool :-)

  4. Maria - thanks, I will be making those nuts tomorrow :) I've been eating lots and lots of sweet things at the moment too, but at least I really enjoy those things!

    Emma - working in an office must make it tough -Liam says there are biscuits everywhere at his office! & then chocolate all over the place at home - he buys it, but then I'm the one who ends up eating it!!

    Lara - haha, they were good (well the camembert, the mozzarella sticks didn't go melty enough) but after a while I crave some fresher food!

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