Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Colourful Quinoa Salad

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off food wise - I just couldn't seem to stop eating!! Probably the less said about it the better, but here are just a few of the (many!) highlights...

Unfortunately I did not listen to the biscuit tin telling me to "step away"!

Messy, but still delicious, chocolate peanut butter cups

Cheese and oatcakes - a late evening snack despite already having had a huge breakfast (oats in a not so empty peanut butter jar!!), lunch, dinner and many snacks/treats in between!!

Anyway...line drawn__________ moving on...luckily I managed to turn it around today!!

I started the morning off with a gym visit - an hour of cardio (rowing machine, cross-trainer, wave, cross-wave) plus 10 minutes on the arm cycle, free weights and leg machines. I was there an hour and half which is longer than I usually manage - making the most of Liam not going into uni today! :)

On the way home I ate a Nak'd cocoa mint bar. I then had a long soak in the bath, by which time it was 11.30, so I decided to start prepping lunch rather than having breakfast. Lunch was delicious...

a salad of lettuce, sliced pepper, avocado and cooked quinoa, topped with a little sweet chilli sauce...

this was so tasty! I love the warm quinoa with the raw veggies, will definitely be having this type of salad again! :)

After lunch, we wandered into town. Julian Graves had 50% off everything...I couldn't resist!

Desiccated coconut (not from Julian Graves, they'd sold out), rice crackers, sunflower seeds, almonds and mixed nuts...

yoghurt coated cranberries, milk chocolate coated dates, maple walnut coffee and some new bars to try - Nak'd banana bread plus the 9bars...hope these are as nice as people say they are!

When we got home I couldn't resist trying out my new coffee - a maple walnut skinny latte, sweetened with some agave nectar...

Yum, I could really taste the walnut in this, much more nutty than the hazelnut flavour...really good!

Dinner was bolognese - lentil bolognese with wholewheat penne for me, meat bolognese with white penne for the others...multi-tasking at its best!

This was really tasty - mine had onion, garlic, passata, half a veg stock cube, water, red lentils, grated carrot, Worcester sauce and a blob of marmite added at the end!

a much bigger portion than I was expecting it to make! I still topped it with some cheese though...

This really filled me up...or so I thought...

Unfortunately I think I spoke too soon when saying I'd drawn a line under yesterday's pig-out! Whilst writing this post, this has been opened and the whole 100g consumed...!

Whoops!! This was nice, I really liked the chocolate, but the cherries were a bit too chewy - and in no way comparable to Concious' raw cherry chocolate sadly!

My first "official" weigh in for the Honeymoon clothes challenge is on Thursday...a classic example of self-sabotage I fear! And now, of course, I want even more chocolate, gah!

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  1. I was so in there when I saw Julian Gravs had 50% off. It's such a fab deal!!


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