Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sudocrem Strikes Back!

When my daughter was 2 years old, she got hold of a tub of Sudocrem and smeared it all over herself, the sofa and the walls. Cue me bursting into tears, phoning my then childminder to beg her to pick my daughter up so I wasn't late for work, and then quickly dunking my daughter in the bath and scrubbing hard (Sudocrem does not come come out of long hair easily!)

The offending tub, now safely up on the mantelpiece!

You'd think I'd have learnt my lesson after that wouldn't you?! So did I. But no. Fast-forward 2.5 years and this morning it happened again, albeit with a different child. Someone (naming no names Liam!!) left the Sudocrem tub in baby's reach this morning. I thought the baby was playing happily/filling his nappy in the corner (charming!), but on further investigation, discovered that he had smeared Sudocrem all over himself and the carpet! Either I've mellowed in the last 2.5 years as a parent, or I'm just less stressed due to not having to rush to work - today's response was (slightly!) calmer than the first time round! Instead of dunking in the bath, I "attacked" him with wet wipes, cursing myself for having got him dressed into clean clothes so early in the day, then plonked him in his cot for a nap. I could deal with the mess properly when he woke up.

I then, of course, dove head first into a big bowl of porridge - a much better response to anything stressful or upsetting!! Over half my daily calorie allowance right here. Thankfully a gym trip with my Mum was already planned for later - exercise calories will be needed today! Cocoa-banana porridge topped with more sliced banana, peanut butter and maple syrup...

A much needed hug in a bowl! I love thick cocoa porridge, it's like eating cake for breakfast, yum!

The maple syrup was super sweet, not something I'd have everyday, but good to take my mind off the mess that was still awaiting me when baby awoke!

I'm pleased to say that today has turned around and, so far, I'm having a really good day :) Hence this post - I thought I'd get the stressful part of the day written down so I could get it out of my mind, and can focus on happier things when I blog this evening!

Hope everyone's having a good day, and enjoying the sunshine if you have it! :)


  1. That porridge bowl looks amazing :)

  2. Sorry about the mess, but I just had to laugh :)
    My old next door neighbour had a daughter (she must be around 15 now) and then twin girls all under the age of two. My sister was babysitting one night, and this was the night that the twins decided to have a very similar Sudacrem smearing incident.I'm wondering it's some sort of baby Rite of Passage...

    I haven't seen Sudacrem tub for years. They haven't changed! We used to keep the plastic tops of Smarties in one (when they used to have letters on them), and we'd make words and learn to spell with them. My mum was all about the 'accidental learning' ;).

    Anyway, I read the post after this and glad to see that your day improved!


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