Thursday, 3 March 2011

Making the most of the sunshine...

So, despite the sudocrem incident this morning, today has actually turned out to be a really great day! :) When baby woke up from his nap, I decided we needed to get out of the house and make the most of the lovely sunshine!

We went for a walk along by the river...

stopped off at the park for baby to stretch his legs and go on the swing and slide...

before heading on to the seafront...

it was so nice that I decided to buy some lunch to eat on one of the (many!) benches. I had a red pepper wrap filled with falafel, houmous and salad...

and baby had my leftovers plus some dried fruit!

The wrap was nice, but quite stodgy, I'm glad the guy remembered (at the last minute!) to ask me if I wanted any salad in it! It would've been nice with sliced peppers too, but they didn't have any.

I can't complain when I got to eat with this view though...

I'm loving the weather the last few days :) it's still cold, but so nice to see the sun a bit more often!

After lunch, we had a quick wander through town before heading home...

where baby immediately fell asleep...fresh air = tired baby!

Which meant I got to enjoy a coffee in peace, yey!

Not quite the coffee whilst sitting outside a seafront cafe that I would've loved (not a good idea with a bulky pushchair to manoeuvre and only me to carry drinks!), but a coffee in peace nonetheless...

Delish! :)

I also had a Geo Bar mid-afternoon to "fuel me" before the gym (any excuse to eat!!)...

I really like these, not the healthiest (full of sugar!) but nice and chewy...a good treat.

Later this afternoon I went to the gym with my Mum, it was nice & quiet when we got there but got so busy by the time we left! I did 50 minutes cardio, plus 10 minutes arm cycle and some leg weight machines...pretty standard except I didn't get a chance to do any free weights as the tiny weights area was so crowded, and I would've gone back on the cross trainer (12 minutes max when busy so couldn't do my usual 20 minutes) but they were both constantly busy too. Ah well, still a good work-out.

I got home to find that yes, Liam had bathed the children without being asked, but no, he hadn't put dinner on as he'd lost track of time! So a quick change of plan, dinner was rice fried with eggs and frozen veg...

topped with grated cheese...

a throw-back to my student days when I used to think that buying a tub of ready meal egg fried rice then grating some cheese on top was "cooking"!! This was really good though, nice and simple but by the time it was ready I didn't care - I was starving - the downside of cooking your own brown rice instead of using a ready meal is it takes so much longer!!

Today has been a really good day! Not what I was expecting after such a bad start - the treat bowl of cocoa porridge was obviously a good idea to turn the day around!! That and the sunshine definitely helps, makes me feel so much happier! :)


  1. It looks beautiful where you live. Our nearest seaside resort is Skegness and that's still a fair car/train trip away. I want to take the toddler this summer though, last time he saw the sea he was 5 months old.
    I love Geobars but have been avoiding them because I can't stop eating them!

  2. Thank you, I do love it here. It's even nicer when it's not the peak of summer, as it gets so crowded with visitors then!

    My Grandparents used to live in Skegness! I remember going up there to visit them - amusement arcades, bingo, crazy golf etc!! Can't remember ever swimming in the sea there though, brrr, chilly!! They moved down here more than 5 years ago now. Hope your toddler enjoys it when you take him :)

    Geobars are yummy, I bought a box in Waitrose the other day as they were on offer, so far I've only eaten 2 which I'm quite impressed about!!

  3. Oh I am so jealous of your seaside walk! It looks like you had a beautiful day, the West Mids were fairly grey again today!
    I made egg fried rice for my dinner too, a bag of mixed stir fried veg, rice and one egg and soy sauce. Delish! Have never thought of adding cheese though, I will definitely have to try that next time!

  4. It was a lovely day :) makes it so much easier to make the effort to go out (getting the children ready is always a mission!!)

    Your egg fried rice sounds nice, I should really make more effort to add extra veg in ours - it always tends to be a last minute - chuck in whatever veg is in the freezer - kind of meal! The cheese is a gopd addition though :)

  5. Those pictures are beautiful :)
    What a lovely day.


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