Thursday, 27 September 2012

Addicted to eBay - Autumn Decorations

My local post man commented to me yesterday that he never used to get parcels to deliver on my road…as he handed over 5 parcels to me!! Hmm, I may have developed a bit of an eBay addiction. Although, actually, three of yesterday’s parcels were not bought by me, so they don't count right?!

There were some delicious baked treats and other gifts from Maria, as a thank you for sponsoring her for the Great North Run…


Love the PB Crispy Squares – so delicious. After gobbling down two almost immediately yesterday, I put the rest in the freezer (as I do with most of my baked good) – out of sight, partly out of mind (?!) – although as I discovered this morning, they are just as tasty frozen too!


Thanks again Maria!

I was also sent some tasty bread to review, I used to love fruit loaf when I was younger, hadn’t had any for years.


And also some Truvia, I’m interested to see how this compares to the Stevia I usually buy from iHerb – it would be much cheaper and more convenient if I could use this instead.


Then there were my purchases... Let me pre-empt this by saying that I have serious “fall decor” envy from all the US blogs…why don’t we celebrate Autumn over here in the same way?! Even the UK eBay doesn’t have a comparable selection, but I did manage to find some cute things.

Yankee candle holders with cinnamon candles and frosted pumpkin candles…


(These were from two different sellers so counted as parcels #4 and #5) I have the frosted pumpkin candles in at the moment, smell so good!

I also couldn’t resist buying a few things in Waitrose on Tuesday – I seemingly have a thing about orange candles at the moment...


I need to find something to put the little pumpkin candles in…any suggestions? I used to have a glass bowl that would have probably worked (as they seem to float, short term at least, from my quick test yesterday!) but Toby smashed that a few months ago Sad smile

This morning, another couple of eBay purchases arrived. I made the dangerous discovery that Essie nail polishes are a lot cheaper on eBay, even still brand new…


So pretty! These mini ones are perfect as I don't think I've ever run out of a nail polish - they always dry out before I finish the bottle, so this is definitely a more economical option. I’ve also started buying blue mugs – to match our kitchen! We do have all our mugs on display, as we run out of cupboard space so they live on shelves – for every blue mug I buy, I can give a non-blue one away…haha, I’ll take a photo once the shelves are full of blue mugs only!!

My final parcel is my absolute favourite – I recommend that all UK bloggers buy some too! Winking smile Gorgeous fabric pumpkins:


I absolutely love these! Great service too – it said that they might take up to a week to make, but she sent them out two days after I ordered them. My mantelpiece isn’t quite “Autumn ready” yet, but here’s what it looks like so far to give you an idea of the size of the pumpkins (for some reason I can't read measurements had it in my head that they'd be bigger, but they fit in better being this size so I'm happy!)…


So adorable, I can’t wait to show them to Izzy when she gets home from school – I think Liam thinks I’ve gone slightly mad (!!), but Izzy appreciates pretty things! Winking smile

Right, and after looking at all that, I really must stop spending money…!!

Do you buy things from eBay? Or decorate your house depending on the season? I’ve always liked Christmas decorations – we started the tradition a few years back of each of us buying a new tree decoration each year. But obviously you can only really have the Christmas decorations up for a limited amount of time. I love the warm colours of the pumpkins and leaf decorations too, perfect for cold nights cuddled up in front of our (fake) fire Smile I've also already got my eye on a few "spring decorations" on eBay too, aaah, definitely addictive!!


  1. I think I want to buy everything in that post! I love pumpkin things- I often buy mini ones as decorations- I think from when I used to teach Nursery and Reception we always went a bit overboard with the classrooms for those sorts of things (harvest etc). Love those candles- I love yankee candles and those scents sound amazing! Might have a little spending spree this weekend :)
    Glad you liked the goodies too xx

  2. I've bought a few things off ebay, but found it got addictive so put a stop to it! What I really need to get into is selling things! I have so many clothes, and most of them don't even fit! I love it that you are decorating your house, I love those candles!

  3. Can I ask, do you pay customs duty on your iHerb orders? I had to and its put me right off :-(

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