Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Carnival Weekend

This weekend my Dad came to stay with us. He and Toby had a great time on Saturday morning playing catch in the garden…


and in the afternoon we all went to the funfair…


The apple on his pushchair cancels out the candyfloss right?! Winking smile


The only meal photo I took on Saturday was dinner – Indian takeaway – paneer pasanda, rice and sag aloo for me (plus naan & poppadoms added to the plate after this photo was taken)…


But I did also photograph a few of my snacks from earlier in the day. I love these gummy bears. Not only do they have pretty much the same texture as their gelatine counterparts (possibly slightly less squishy, but not really noticeable) but they also taste of actual fruit – delicious!


and a Butterfinger – love, possibly my favourite chocolate bar! I’d forgotten I still had this left from London!!


On Saturday evening, we took two little wooden chairs down to the bottom of the road to watch the carnival…


Toby’s favourites were the pirates and robots…


and Izzy loved the animals & Alice in Wonderland…


After we’d finished watching, we got the children to bed and then went to stay at my Mum’s house – to make sure my little sister got home from her party ok (at 3am!) as my Mum and her partner were in London. Liam and I had considered going out for drinks, but in the end we decided that, sad old people that we are (!), a DVD and tiramisu sounded more appealing!


After a peaceful night’s sleep, we went home to see our cute (when they want to be!!) children…


and then went out for carvery with my Dad. Adult carvery was £9.50, children was £6.25 (but we were allowed to just pay for Izzy and get an empty plate for Toby) but my vegetable only option was a bargainous £6.10. I could have had nut roast, but to be honest the main things I wanted were cauliflower cheese & yorkshire puddings!!


I also had roast potatoes (cooked in oil), ratatouille, carrots, peas, veg gravy and apple sauce…plus one of those extra yorkshires in the background was also mine for a grand total of 3, oink oink!!

Needless to say, after all this I really didn’t need dessert, but Izzy really wanted one (there was a big dessert cabinet – too tempting!) so I didn’t want her to be the only one (!!!). Izzy and Dad shared a white chocolate and banoffee cheesecake…


and I had a red velvet strawberry gateau. I was meant to be sharing with Toby but, having not had his usual morning nap, he was too tired by this point!


Liam looked on enviously – when he’s full he’s really full, so despite wanting pudding he couldn’t even think about ordering one – not a problem I ever have!!!

After this we all went home and the children had naps while we lay groaning on the sofa!! I wasn’t going to have another meal at all, but in the end the thought of bagel French toast drew me in…


More than enough food!!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any carnivals near you at this time of year? The carnivals do the rounds down here in September/October – a different town each weekend. We used to have a Christmas carnival too but sadly that stopped a few years ago, I used to love that one as a child!


  1. we get a really rubbish carnival in Summer and that's it!

    I can't believe how grown-up Toby is looking!


  2. St Albans (where I used to live) has a summer carnival, and lots of schools enter floats, but I have not been for years as we are usually still on holiday at that point.
    It looks like such fun- what a lovely way to spend the weekend.


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