Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back To School

Izzy has had two days back at school, so far so good…


She’s enjoying her new class – old friends, new friends and a new teacher…but is happy that she still gets to give her old teacher the occasional cuddle too!

I finally got round to getting the top drawer in our kitchen organised into a “morning drawer” – something I’d been wanting to do since we moved into this house at the start of June to help our school mornings be a little less chaotic!


We finished off the summer holidays with Izzy’s favourite dinner – macaroni cheese n peas – on Wednesday night…

Half macaroni, half shells as we ran out!

and we started the new term with our current favourite smoothie – peanut pumpkin – on Thursday morning…

With chocolate covered sunflower seeds on top for me!

I was a bit sad that the summer was ending as Izzy is such fun to have around – both to be a chatterbox to me, and also to help entertain Toby. She was a bit nervous when I took her to school on Thursday morning – which I expected – but what I wasn’t expecting was Toby’s reaction…he was absolutely distraught and wailed the whole way back to my Mum’s house, devastated that we’d left his sister at school!!!

He soon cheered up with a bowl of blueberries at Granny’s house though (!) and I re-discovered the benefits of term time – in this instance, day time exercise! Mum offered to have Toby so that I could go to a new-to-me spin class on Thursday morning which was great. It was an instructor I’d never met before and she did lots of sprints, whereas my normal spin classes tend to be higher resistance but therefore not quite so fast…my legs were sore by the end of the 45 mins! I then further taxed my legs at Friday’s pump class as the instructor decided to do an old release (73) and the lunge track used a bar for lunges…ouch, my legs were aching on the drive home afterwards!!

Back to positives of the school term, another thing I’ve missed is Costa dates with my friend! She has 3 children so trying to take all 5 children out in the summer was a bit too stressful so I’d only seen her once or twice at the start of the holidays. With just our two year-olds left at home though, we got back into our Friday morning coffee routine, and I was delighted to discover that Costa have started selling chai lattes! Using powder rather than syrup, so not quite as nice as Starbucks, but still tasty!

photo (46)

I also had a toasted teacake, and Toby was very happy to be reunited with the toy dinosaurs – first time he’d been in Costa for 6+ weeks and he still remembered to go straight for the toy box in the corner as soon we entered the building!!

photo (45)

Right, I think that’s all I have to say today! I’m off to Exeter this afternoon to do a bit of shopping so I will no doubt pop into Starbucks for a “real” chai latte too, yey, can’t wait! I’m hoping that now Izzy is back at school I will get back into a more regular routine with blogging again. Because I’ve been exercising more recently (4 classes this week!) I have been too tired to blog in the evenings, but once the weather is cooler I’m sure I’ll get back into blogging in the daytime again…at the moment the sun keeps tempting me outside!! Smile I was looking back at my New Year’s resolutions the other day, and one of them was to “try to do some kind of exercise at least twice a week” so I’m quite pleased that I’m actually now consistently exercising 3 times every week, and sometimes even 4! Classes are definitely the key – I’m so much more motivated to go to a class than just to a standard gym session.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How are you doing with them now? I’m doing ok with most of my others I think – losing weight is still a work in progress, but I am finally – in the last couple of months – seeing a consistent downward trend, although I long ago got rid of the public weight loss page that I started in January! I need to get back into taking Toby to more activities – summer holidays kind of waylaid that, although we did do lots of trips to the park, beach etc. Saving money/organising paperwork is again a work in progress, I am finally getting some kind of paperwork systems in place though! I’m glad I thought to look back at my goals though, it was a good reminder of how well I’m doing in some, and how I need to re-focus on others!


  1. I am so glad that Izzy is doing well with returning to school. I hope that this year is a GREAT one for Izzy. Are they still going through school lunch boxes with a fine tooth comb??

    1. Thanks! No, they seem to be a bit more relaxed about lunch boxes now thankfully - they've stopped doing healthy stickers and I got "permission" from the cook to put a treat in alongside the more savoury stuff! :)

  2. Aw glad Izzy is enjoying her new class- often children find it hard (even after half terms) because they almost forget the routine of school, but once they are back they usually love it again :)
    I love the morning drawer idea- how fsb!
    I never do resolutions- I like to have goals to work towards, and this year my goal was really to get better after my op, and get back to normal, which I finally feel I have got to now. Every now and then I want to get more organised or something, but then I just add things to my lists. Glad your resolutions are going well though :)

  3. My new years resolution was to keep the weight off, which I have done :)


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