Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Feeling Lucky

I've been feeling really lucky recently! Which makes a nice change - I often feel like I don't really win anything, and then recently I've won two lovely giveaways in quick succession! :-)

Last week I was lucky enough to win some prizes from the lovely Maria at Running Cupcake. On Wednesday, I received a package from her containing a cute card (and bag!), some seed stacked bars and some of her delicious baking:

The card reminded me of when I did drama as a child. I can't remember the exact details, but we definitely performed something to do with the Owl and the Pussycat. Cute!

As soon as I'd finished eating my lunch on Wednesday, I devoured the vegan pumpkin spice cake. Turns out I must've been in too much of rush to eat it as I've just looked at the photos and they're all blurry! Luckily for you, Maria posted the recipe so you can all discover the deliciousness of it too - loved it! I shared the dark chocolate brownies with Liam and we both thought they were great as well, thanks so much Maria! :)

As if all that wasn't enough, the following day another parcel arrived for me! The Nature's Path cereals that I also won from Maria! Toby liked the look of these cereals too so I thought I'd give you a peek into my life of trying to take photos when Mr Toby is around...

Can you spot the little legs??!
I did eventually get a child-free photo, but don't be fooled, Toby is still hiding behind the boxes!

I've so far tried the Maple Sunrise...

which I enjoyed with milk and a sliced banana:

and the O's...

with milk and fresh raspberries:

I really liked both these cereals. My favourite is probably the Maple Sunrise - mainly because it is sweeter and has more variety of texture! I'll probably add some sugar/agave to the O's next time I have them, but the children loved them as is...it's just I have a super sweet tooth!! Thank you so much Maria, I love all my prizes! :-D

As well as winning Maria's giveaway, on Sunday night I found out that I won Jemma's giveaway for Linwood's linseeds! I was so happy to win this giveaway. I'd been in a bit of funk on Sunday afternoon, but when I saw Jemma's blog post it cheered me up so much that it motivated me to get on and make white chocolate Oreo fudge do things! My prize arrived this morning, thanks for posting them so promptly Jemma!

I haven't used any of these yet as I've been really busy today, but I can't wait to try them out - I've been eyeing them up in the shops for ages!

What are your favourite ways to use linseeds? I've seen people sprinkle them on top of things (salad, cereal) but would love to hear of other ways to use them! Also, how do you cheer yourself up when you're in a 'funk' or generally miserable for no reason? I can't rely on winning a giveaway every time it happens!

Thanks again Maria and Jemma, you've both made this last week great for me!! :-)


  1. heeheehee, I love Toby playing hide & seek int eh pictures ;_)

  2. Haha, I love your sensible portion of the cereals compared to my massive ones. I like the Os for a snack, and the Maple more for breakfast, but I use rice milk so that's pretty sweet anyway and gives the Os more flavour.

    I generally cheer myself up by eating, so that's probably not a particularly helpful 'tip'!


  3. I love those Toby photos! Very sweet!
    I use ground flax seeds in baking- I think the vegan cake I made this weekend had the brazils/flax mix as I had no plain ones left. So no excuse for not making the pumpkin cake haha!" :)


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