Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WIAW - Lots of Leftovers

Happy WIAW everyone! Thanks as always to Jenn for organising it :)

This week, I am going to base my WIAW post on Monday's eats. As you might guess from the post title, I ate a lot of leftovers that day!

The morning started with a kind of breakfast - an unpictured latte and a bit of leftover pumpkin pie from Sunday lunch at Mum's...

This was so delicious. If my Mum had given me more, I would have definitely eaten more, but sadly I only had this bit left.

The reason for the quick breakfast was that I'd been planning to take Toby to toddler group on Monday morning, but it seems the clock change confused the poor boy. He was so tired all morning that I decided to give toddler group a miss, so we came home for lots of cuddles instead!

For lunch, I had some leftover veggie cottage pie filling (lentils, carrots, mushrooms etc) with some goats cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.

This was a really good combination. I'm not a huge fan of mashed potatoes, so I actually prefer the filling with cheese etc to the cottage pie itself!

Monday afternoon was filled with lots of unpictured sweets at the Halloween party - namely lots of chocolate, a jam doughnut, a cupcake and some pumpkin pie!

As a result, Liam and I didn't eat dinner til quite late, and when we did it was yet more leftovers - the last of the lentil cottage pie (with lots of cheese added on top) with peas.

This was a little dry second time round, but a big blob of ketchup after this photo was taken soon sorted that out!

So there we go - a bit of a boring day, but I suppose that is what WIAW is about - showing the reality - we can't eat gourmet meals every day!

Standard WIAW question - what was the best thing you ate today? Also, do you prefer to eat leftovers as they originally were, or jazz them up a bit into something different? I normally prefer to change leftovers into a slightly different meal, but sometimes it's nice just to have leftovers that you can quickly reheat for an easy repeat meal.


  1. You can totally have leftover pie for breakfast. We often did as kids at my house.
    But shocker of shockers, this thanksgiving baby doesn't like pumpkin pie!
    lunch looks great. cottage pie mmmm.
    I love making leftovers into something else.

  2. I love veggie cottage pie :-)
    I don't usually have too many leftovers - I mostly only make what I need. I guess it's nice to do something different with them though.

  3. I love leftovers mainly because I don't have to cook them!
    I know what you mean about the gourmet meals- when I first did the wiaw I was a bit self conscious as I never eat loads of veggies and stuff, and I normally have a sweet treat too, but then I realised, well, that is my life, and I am not telling other people what to do, just giving them a snapshot of me!

  4. Your cottage cheese looks goooood :) I love leftovers and tend to keep them the same or if it's a smaller amount eat it in a different way/with something else x

  5. That pumpkin pie loos delicous! Yay! I love how you had a big serving of peas for dinner! They are one of my fav veggies :)


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