Monday, 31 October 2011

Spooky Games at Granny's House!

Happy Halloween! :)

I took the children round to my Mum's house after school this afternoon for some Halloween fun! We had lots of treats...

Halloween chocolate, cupcakes that I made last week, and pumpkin pies from yesterday:

Plus some pumpkin seeds that I roasted in a Worcester sauce mix:

And games...

Apple bobbing:

Doughnuts on a string:

and feeling through green "worms" to find pumpkin seeds (each pumpkin seed = a chocolate for Izzy!):

Mum made a new, even darker green, batch of spaghetti for the children to eat for dinner. Spaghetti + water + green food colouring...

+ pesto + peas = Halloween dinner!

Izzy was initially put off by the appearance...

but luckily agreed to eat it after Mum tasted it first. Toby on the other hand loved it no matter what it looked like...

the boy does love his pasta!

Rather than end this post with slightly grim photos (sorry if you were reading this whilst trying to eat!), I'll leave you with a few of the cuter photos from the afternoon...

My little sister was our photographer as she didn't want to be in any photos!

Izzy had such a great time. She especially loved it when trick or treaters came round - she went running to the front door with a tin full of chocolates! We had two groups come round while we at my Mum's house, then another two groups when we got back to ours, and then a final two just as I was about to take Izzy to be - lucky timing! Liam & I took the pumpkin inside once the kids were in bed - trick or treaters are pretty good around here and only knock if you have a lit pumpkin out...well either that or we haven't heard them as our doorbell needs fixing!

Have you done anything for Halloween this year? And would you eat bright green spaghetti??!


  1. Does the pasta make your tongue green? I would eat it so long as I knew it was only green colouring !
    Cute pics :)

  2. Ahhhh that spaghetti is a brilliant idea! LOVE IT!! xxx

  3. That pasta is so cute! I'd eat it, for a special occasion, definitely!
    And oh my, that picture of Toby with the "worms" coming out of his mouth... precious!
    Looks like the little ones had a fun time! :)



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