Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Dress + Lunch at Giraffe

This afternoon we went shopping in Exeter with (mainly) one mission in mind - a new dress for me to wear to Liam's graduation ceremony!

We met up with my sister for lunch first though. It was so busy in Exeter, but we managed to grab at table outside at Giraffe which was where I'd wanted to eat anyway. Luckily they had heaters outside so it wasn't too cold. I ordered a Farmers Market Vegetable Burrito. The description for this was "roasted squash & vegetables with pinto beans, feta & herby rice wrapped in a soft tortilla topped with adobe sauce, jack cheese, tomato salsa & crumbled feta." I was a bit worried about the pinto beans (I really can't stand the texture of any beans) but couldn't resist ordering it anyway. It came with an avocado salad which made it even more irresistible!

This was amazing! Seriously one of the best meals out I've had in a while. The pinto beans blended in with the rest of the mix and it was all super yummy. No flavour stood out in particular, it was just all really good. I've only ever been to Giraffe for cocktails and dessert (after having the main part of dinner elsewhere) or for coffee before...but I'll definitely be going back for proper meals again! They do some quite nice childrens' meals too - Izzy had focaccia pizza fingers which came with fries and apple wedges - weirdly the apple wedges were what made her choose the meal, but the rest of it was tasty too!

After lunch, we took Toby to get his feet measured (still the same size) and then started the dress-hunt. We started off by looking in Debenhams and, with my sister's help, found 4 dresses to try on. Two were way too short, one was too frumpy looking with a high neckline, but one was just right. (Sorry - Izzy is obsessed with Goldilocks at the moment, I can't help it!)

Looking at this photo has made me unsure about the dress, nightmare, but my sister and I both liked it in the shop. What do you think? I plan to wear it with black tights as well as those boots. I don't particularly want to have to buy new shoes as I have large horrible-to-shop-for feet, and those boots are really comfy which is always a plus. After Liam's graduation ceremony there is a 15 minute procession through town, and then we'll be walking back into town for lunch, so I really don't want to wear uncomfortable heels!

As we didn't have to traipse around any more shops (I hate clothes shopping, especially with young children - not a fun experience!) we instead went to Debenhams cafe as Izzy had been wanting an "afternoon snack" pretty much since we finished lunch! I had a skinny latte and shared this cranberry and white chocolate cookie with Toby...

He was getting a bit tired by this stage - I'm sure he didn't mean to frown at the camera quite so much!

After this we went home - via Waitrose - to enjoy feta and caramelised onion pizza. No photo as my sister's camera hates the evening (lack of) light. I'm sure you've seen it before anyway - it's our favourite pizza! Each time we toy with the idea of getting one feta & caramelised onion pizza and one different flavour, but in the end we always get two the same - none of the other options sound as appealing!

This post has turned out to be quite short (by my standards anyway) but that is how I like my clothes shopping trips to be - we literally went into 4 shops (Boots for Liam's hair wax, Clarks to not get Toby shoes, Next to not find me boots, and Debenhams) and had 2 stops for food - short but sweet! On the other hand I wish my food shopping trips could be longer. When I was stood at the till at Waitrose - having just bought pizzas, satsumas, sweets to give out to trick & treaters, and a magazine - I saw that the person behind me had bought new-to-me Greek yoghurt, nice apple juice, raspberries etc etc - I wish I had time to browse the aisles but it never seems to happen! Oh well, I'm saving money - that's what I'll keep telling myself!!

Which do you prefer - food shopping or clothes shopping? And what do you think of the dress I bought? Honest opinions please - it's (just about) not too late for me to change my mind!! Or any suggestions to improve upon this dress - do you think I should wear a belt with it or leave it as is? It is this dress on the Debenhams' website if that helps. Thanks! :)


  1. I am not stylish by any means so I would take any fashio-related things from my perspective with a pinch of salt, but I'd say the dress needs a black belt of some sort with it, possibly one of those wide, waist-clinging ones? It would highlight the fabulousness of those killer boots and accentuate your waist, which looks tiny anyway but would look even more fantastic with a belt to make it the focus of the outfit?

    Food shopping wins out for me - I look hideous no matter what I wear so I'd really rather not have to look in mirrors!


  2. Thanks Jess :) I agree, I think a black belt would help the dress have more shape. I think my Mum has one so I will go and try on the whole outfit together at hers during the week.

    Thanks for the compliments also, I am feeling particularly blobby at the moment but I'm relieved I fitted into the smaller of my 2 possible sizes for this dress - hopefully it will fit a bit better if I ever get round to losing some weight! The dress is really weird actually - the skirt part is quite floaty, but it has a lining underneath that is *so* tight - I think I'm going have to cut it as it makes it hard to walk it's so tight over my thighs!!!

    You definitely don't look hideous no matter what you wear, but I do definitely agree that food shopping is the winner - much less stress and much more pleasure!! :)


  3. I think you look lovely in that dress, beautiful smile and beautiful colour.

    We Giraffe for breakfast occasionally and love it there.

  4. The dress is really nice and definately suits you-and your figure looks great, don't put yourself down! The boots are a bit dark with it though as you have naked arms in the photo- like your legs are in autumn and your body is in Spring ;) you just need to wear a black cardigan/jacket/pashmina/coat or something with it, to balance the outfit. A black belt might do it, but I was thinking- it's pretty cold right now and surely you'll need a top of some kind over it anyway, so a cardigan would definately do it. But do wear it, it's lovely! Really suits your colouring, too.

  5. Thanks Lara and Tori, although as you will see from the post I've just published, I've decided to take the dress back.

    You are right though Tori - it would've needed a black cardigan or jacket, but I prefer my Mum's brand new soft grey cardigan I get to wear with the new outfit anyway! :)

    Thanks for all the tips/compliments/advice though - I *nearly* managed to own a "proper" outfit of my own for once, haha, I always seem to fall back on my Mum's wardrobe instead!!

  6. I went to Giraffe for breakfast once too and it was lovely :)
    That dress is so pretty- it is making me look it up on the website! :) I think it really suits you- it does look like it has a waistband, but a belt is a good idea too
    I love the boots with dress look too- I always go for that over heels (dont have heels) :)


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