Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WIAW - Instagram Edition

Morning everyone! Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks Jenn :)

Yesterday morning my camera broke :( A certain little boy grabbed it off the side and must have dropped it, grrrr, I thought it was well out of his reach but clearly not...lesson learnt! It still turns on but no longer takes photos, and the twisty part of the lens (?) to zoom in and out is completely jammed. Luckily we have insurance on it, so I spent half an hour on the phone yesterday morning and then the guy had to phone me back an hour later as his computer kept crashing! Anyway, I've arranged for it to be sent away...I'm going to miss it, iPhone photos just aren't the same!! I did manage to take photos of my breakfast before it broke, so this might be the last "proper" photo you see in a while - fingers crossed my little sister takes pity on me & lends me her camera!! :)

Yesterday breakfast - 1.5 soda bagels with peanut butter and raspberry jam (in the whole one) and peanut butter and sliced strawberries on the half...

I picked up this soda bread bagels reduced in Waitrose on Monday. They were yummy, much denser than regular bagels, but as I love soda bread they were nice for a change.

From here on you've got iPhone + Instagram photos I'm afraid. Starting with a morning snack from my Graze box - I had "fruit sundae" which was dried pineapple, dried strawberries and cherry flavoured raisins:

This was quite nice. I loved the dried strawberries - still juicy, but the dried pineapple was too dry. The cherry raisins were ok, bit different, but nothing amazing.

I also had three coffees whilst on the phone to the insurance people - I was shaking even before the coffees, I was so stressed!!!

Lunch was a bit random. The children had Izzy's favourite - what she requests whenever I ask her what she wants for lunch...wait for it...pasta sweetcorn mayonnaise (!!), with tuna as well if Liam's making it, but with me she just gets the boring version! Not sure this would be my favourite meal, but Izzy loves it, and Toby always gobbles up pasta too so this works well.

I really fancied egg mayonnaise, but didn't have any salad or anything to go with it, so I just had a bowl of egg it.


Plus another Graze snack soon after, this time a mix of citrus sultanas, "sponge" pieces (which are actually really crispy) and cinnamon honey almonds:

Again, only ok. I'm actually quite glad I had a bit of a disappointing box this week as I've cancelled future boxes as my half price offer has run out. They're trying to entice me back with a free box in two months time, and they'll have some more new recipes by then, so I'll give it another go after Christmas. I also tried the "Veggie Sushi Plate" rice crackers, but they were way too strong for me so I had to give them to Liam!

Yesterday afternoon ended up descending into a major snack fest. To get rid of the taste of the rice crackers, I opened my last jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams:

and once I'd eaten lots of that I had a mini Kipling's Angel slice:

Pretty nice for a shop-bought cake, but not necessary just before dinner!

I kept dinner fairly light by cooking noodles for the others to supplement the grilled tofu and roasted butternut squash that I had. I also made a BBQ sauce - 3 parts ketchup, 1 part soy, 1 or 2 parts sugar - brought to boil and then simmered for a few minutes:

It's a shame my iPhone makes dinner looks so unappetising, because it really did taste great!

The tofu was perfectly cooked - slightly crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside - just how I liked it.

After dinner, I snacked on more Dark Chocolate Dreams - the best part of half a jar "disappeared" in one day, whoops!

What was the best thing you've eaten in the last day or so? Any suggestions for slightly healthier snacks that are super quick to prepare? Even chopping an apple to eat with peanut butter seems like too much effort when I'm in a snacky mood, but biting into an apple normally never appeals either! I like snacks that I can just grab and stuff into my mouth, which makes processed convenience foods way too tempting! Hmm, think I need to change my mindset really, but any super quick snack ideas would be helpful too.


  1. Even my camera makes my food look unappetizing sometimes! Happy WIAW!

  2. Oooh.....i really fancy trying a graze box....some of the packs look great! After christmas might be a good time to try them...especially if they do new year offers :-) Happt WIAW!!

  3. Oh I miss my graze box they are so fun to receive, but way too expensive for what they are!

  4. Dried fruit is my favourite quick snack food. I also love the Food Doctor roasted soy beans for a salty snack.
    I hope your camera recovers :-)

  5. Best thing I ate today- sachet of Dorset Cereals' gingerbread porridge (check it out new in Waitrose, I loved it!)
    Snack today was a handful of prunes, other favourites are mini boxes of raisins, a banana, a protein shake, unsulphured dried apricots, or various cereal bars eg the Waitrose love life ones/Geobars.

  6. your food looks great...I love seeing your UK food and also the kids...totally adorable :)

  7. Love the look of that tofu- I like it cooked like that too. I know what you mean about snacks- that is why I have a mountain of cereal bars! Nakd bars are my faves, I just got some mini luna bars from iherb (80 cals each) - or mini clif bars too- plus I can leave them in my bag at work etc.

  8. I take all my pics with my iPhone ...... I'm too lazy to get even the point & click snappy camera out ... maybe one day ;-)

  9. That is so weird, a colleague of mine was just telling me last week about those graze boxes. I'm in Ireland, she's based in the UK. Such a great idea!

  10. I usually snack on apples, almonds, and sometimes bananas and PB. I do snack on graze boxes and protein bars too, but try and keep it to a few times a week rather than a daily occurrence as they don't seem to fill me as much, and are generally higher in calories and processed anyway!

  11. Oh no your camera!! I'm so sorry to hear that it's broken. I hope you can fix it. Soda bagels on reduced from Waitrose? I'll have to get on that. I love anything reduced- why don't they do that in the states? Good ideas. I recently got soda bread from M&S on reduced- so dense and good. I love the graze boxes!! I've gotten two thus far and made nut butter with one of the hickory smoked nuts. I'm thinking they're a bit pricy though, what are your thoughts?
    strange snack, but I steamed carrots and can dip them into whatever. Try serving yourself a bit of nut butter- it cuts down on unnoticed licking from the jar. Or spread it on some crackers!

  12. You hooked me with the picture of your breakfast! It looks wonderful!!

  13. Thanks for the snack ideas - dried fruit seems to be a popular choice, the problem with that is I often grab handfuls of sultanas etc from the cupboard but then don't feel like I've actually eaten anything! I just need to be more conscious of whatever it is I *am* eating I think.

    Thanks for the well wishes for the camera too - it's going to need to be sent away, but in the meantime I am using my little sister's camera. Not quite the same, but better than my phone. Well after I worked out how to upload the photos anyway - she's lost the lead so I had to put the memory card into Liam's printer and upload them that way, & then transfer the photos from Liam's laptop to mine...long-winded process but it worked!

    It seems a lot of people get Graze boxes too. I do think they're very expensive for what they are, which is why I've cancelled them again for now, but I do enjoy getting them when I have offers to use. It's good for getting lots of variety in smaller portion sizes :)


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