Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday...not Saturday!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. Sigh. Wishful thinking right?! Liam's alarm went off and I thought to myself "grrr, Liam forgot to turn off his alarm!" Then I checked my phone, and saw that my own alarm was still set for half an hour later, so I turned that off. But then Liam got out of bed so I mumbled at him "why are you getting up? It's Saturday!" And that's when realisation dawned that no, it was only Thursday, still two more days of the week to go.

I hate it when that happens - it put me in a tired mood for the rest of the morning. Well, that and the fact I slept really badly last night - I suppose that's why I got confused this morning in the first place.

No real point to telling you this, and no photos to go with it. I was still in a tired fog when I got home from the school run. It was a lovely morning, but the fresh air failed to wake me up. So no photos of breakfast, if you can call it breakfast that is - four cups of coffee, half a mini baguette and a bag of Fruit Stars (jelly sweets made of fruit juice, pectin and, of course, sugar) - does that count as a meal?

I'd improved slightly by lunchtime - Toby and I went round to my Mum's house as she was out for the day and needed someone to be in in case the BT man came to fix the Internet. I forgot to take any lunch with me so I grabbed some food at hers - Rachel's coconut yoghurt, blueberries and some (slightly stale!) Cinnamon Grahams...

Mum told me not to eat too much as she was bringing me home some goodies from a Farmers' Market, so (apart from a couple of teaspoons of Nutella) I managed to wait until she got home, bringing these with her...

2 small pies (more on those in a minute), a muffin made with leeks and not sure what else (!), and half a savoury flapjack (Mum had the other half). I ate the savoury flapjack as soon as I got home - I'm not sure of all the ingredients but it had goats cheese, grated carrots and sesame seeds in it...

This was delicious. I ate mine room temperature, but Mum warmed hers and said that was fantastic too. I also ate some cucumber and houmous - too hungry to take a decent photo, but I did cut the cucumber into sticks after this!

Izzy had her best friend round for tea after school today - she's been so excited, counting down the "sleeps" all week! I fed them and Toby earlier than we usually eat, so Liam and I ate on our own this evening. That's where those pies came in...

Rubbish photo - hate the lack of natural light!
Mum bought these from a stall by The Parsnipship - she mainly bought them because of the "Parsnip" in my blog name but I had a look at their website and they seem really interesting - selling "unique and original vegetarian food". Mum bought me a buckwheat, parsnip and cheese timbale and a brie, pea and thyme pie (with a vegetarian suet crust). Liam and I had half of each each which was a great idea in terms of getting to try both, but they did fall apart a bit when I tried to cut them in half!

I'd made the children pasta with passata and sweetcorn/pea sauce for their tea, and there was lots of sauce left. So I added some chopped peppers and mushrooms to it, and simmered it some more while the pies were cooking. I'd hoped it would thicken up to be a cheat's ratatouille, but it ended up being more of a sauce.

This was really good. The pies didn't actually have a huge amount of flavour - they had a great texture and tasted 'nice', but I was glad to have some more flavourful vegetables on the side.

Do you ever go to Farmers' Markets where you live? I used to go to one quite regularly when I lived in Winchester...I loved seeing what all the different stalls had to sell. Mum said that this one was worth checking out so hopefully I'll get to visit it sometime soon. Also, is this week dragging for anyone else??! I couldn't believe this morning that it was still only Thursday - it left me feeling really unsettled! Only one day left to go until the weekend now though, yey!


  1. The pies look great, would have been nice if the taste had met the visual expectation.
    We have a market on the weekends in town but the council are forever moving them around which is most annoying for them. I love the christmas market stalls so can't wait for them to make an appearance soon :-)

  2. Yes, I know, I was a bit disappointed. I'd have liked to taste the parsnip in one and the Brie in the other more.
    Oooh, I love Christmas markets too! I think we're going to stay with my Dad for a couple of days at the start of December to go to the Bath Christmas market, can't wait! :)

  3. Argh - I hate it when that happens! I have been known to think it's Friday on a Monday or Tuesday - that's really disappointing!
    I like farmer's markets, but I'm more of a browser that a buyer - there's always lots of very tempting goodies.

  4. Getting the day wrong is such a horrible feeling. I love farmers markets but we hardly ever go to them- there is one in Welwyn (near me) sometimes, but I never know when it is on so it is only on an offchance.

  5. I hate waking up being confused about the day! The only time it is good is when I think it is a weekday and that feeling of relief when I remember I can sleep in!
    I love reading your blog. You share what you eat and it gives me ideas for recipes. : )
    I recommended you on my Follow Friday post for tomorrow. Thanks!

  6. As always, such yummy eats! :)
    I love going to the Farmers Market, but dont have the chance to go that often.. :(

  7. I do hate waking up and thinking it's the weekend when it isn't!! But on the flipside waking up and thinking it's a weekday and then realising it's the weekend is a WONDERFUL feeling :)

    Savoury flapjack?! OMG! Yum! x

  8. I go to my local Farmers Market EVERY Saturday. It means getting up early (5:30 a.m.!), but I love it. It is year-round now, and the produce has still been amazing, despite the chillier temps. This past Saturday I purchased... kale, collard greens, 2 heads Romaine lettuce, baby turnips, a loaf of sourdough bread, eggs, Napa cabbage and beets. Yum, yum.



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