Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Things

Hello! How have all your weekends been? It's been a good one here - bit of swimming, bit of food shopping, lots of relaxing and lots of yummy eats!

Let's start with those shall we? I haven't photographed everything, but here are some highlights...

The goats cheese and leek muffin that my Mum bought for me:

This was fantastic, I must investigate making savoury muffins other than the cheese & chive ones I make for Liam's breakfasts!

Cold coffee + Baileys + whipped cream:

I hardly ever drink alcohol so the Baileys in this had more power than the coffee - this made me sleepy! Good thing too as I drank it in the evening - wouldn't have wanted the coffee to keep me up all night!

I made butternut squash enchiladas (with Brie instead of goats cheese this time as that was what I had in):

Despite the awful photo (I can't wait to get our camera back), these were as tasty as always - Liam declared them his "favourite vegetarian meal" which I think is good praise!!

Evening snack of Total 0% yoghurt, raw honey and raspberries:

Today I have been munching on unpictured peanut butter stuffed dates (yum!) as well as lots of fresh pineapple:

After taking the children swimming, we had lunch at Costas. I had an iced praline latte and a Brie and cranberry panini. No photos. For dinner, the others had leftover enchiladas (so sad there wasn't enough left for me as well - the sacrifices I make!!!) and I had a mozzarella-pesto quorn fillet with steamed asparagus:

Not quite as good as the enchiladas, but still surprisingly tasty!

This evening I also made these:

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life's White Chocolate Oreo Cream Squares - not exactly healthy (haha!) but a super sweet treat! I decided they were a good enough excuse to open up my new (Lidl) Christmas tins too! :) Seriously though, these are delicious, but only for those with a sweet tooth. I only made them a couple of hours ago so at the moment they are a really soft fudgy consistency, but I've put them in the fridge to see if they set up any more.

I've definitely been feeling in a Christmassy mood recently. When we went to Waitrose yesterday (I drove and parked there and back, which for me is a stupidly big deal!!) I picked up a couple of magazines:

The Sparkle World one - not for me! But Christmassy food magazines - yes please! I haven't actually had time to open either of them yet, but that will change when I hit publish on this post! I'm hoping the Cook Vegetarian magazine especially will give me some ideas for what to eat on Christmas Day too.

What has been the best thing you've done this weekend? And for non-meaters/anyone with ideas, what do you usually eat on Christmas Day? I think we're going to Liam's parents for Christmas lunch, so I will probably need to take something with me, and ideally something that wont need cooking/heating up there as kitchen space is limited. At the moment I'm thinking maybe stuffed butternut squash wrapped in foil to keep it warm(ish), but any other suggestions would be great!


  1. Ah the Christmas day dilemma! When we have been to my parents my mum either gets a nut cutlet or cranberry nut bake or something (and then I have the veg as I do not like roast potatoes)- when we went to Andy's I bought some pasta I think as it could go in the microwave and I was conscious of the oven space. I did see some nice goats cheese and butternut filo tart things, but in the end it had to go in the microwave. But for me the special parts of the meal (surprise surprise) are the christmas cake, or the cheese and picalilli sandwiches in the evening! I quite liked having something fairly plain for lunch as it left space for rich stuff later!

  2. Thanks for the ideas :) I (of course!) love the goats cheese and butternut filo idea, but like you am conscious of kitchen space. I want it to feel special though as Liam's family eat shop-bought chocolate gateau for their pudding instead of Christmas cake or pudding...not really my thing - I've told Mum she *has* to save me some of her (homemade passed down through generations family recipe...) Christmas pudding!!

    The good thing is that both my parents and Liam's parents live in the same town as us so we'll be back home by evening. So I'll make sure to buy myself some yummy cheeses etc for when Liam eats turkey sandwiches!

  3. When I was a veg, my Mom used to buy the Quorn Turkey Roll-thing (can't remember exactly what it is called) for me. However, that isn't exactly "special".
    Hmmm.... will you eat the side dishes, etc at Liam's parents house? You could always make some sort of a quinoa salad with roasted veg in it... I'm going to make a quinoa salad with butternut squash this week - and it could be served warm, or room temp, or chilled (or warmed back up in the microwave). It's very forgiving.
    Good for you for bringing something for you to eat along! Every time we are at Tristan's parents house, I just kind of pick and choose what to eat - and always leave hungry! We do NOT have similar eating styles.


  4. Oooh, quinoa salad is a great idea! I often make quinoa salad with roasted veg to take with me when we go for days out, but I could make it a bit more "special" with some Christmassy additions!

    I'm hoping my mother-in-law will make some side dishes that I'll be able to eat. I'll ask her to try not to put bacon etc into everything - even if it's just a veg or two, it will bulk the meal out a bit :)

    Yeah, I would hate to be sitting at the table feeling hungry, especially at Christmas! Have you offered to take food with you to Tristan's parents house before? Maybe you could do it in a "I'd like to be helpful" kind of way?


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