Thursday, 24 November 2011

A British Girl's Take On Thanksgiving

Alternative title: An Excuse To Eat Orange Foods!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know we don't traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but you know what I'm like with following themes! Izzy's been discussing Thanksgiving at school as well - she came home with a long list of people/things she is thankful for which was cute :)

On to the food anyway...

Breakfast was Oh She Glow's Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie...this time in a bowl so I could crumble a slice of pumpkin bread on top:

I loved this. The pumpkin bread made the smoothie even more delicious than it always is! Toby loved it too - he stood by the table the whole time I was eating, eyes fixed on my bowl, waiting for spoonfuls!

This morning, after the school run, Toby and I walked into town. After I'd finished all the shopping, I popped into Costa. It was so sunny today that it felt like an iced coffee day - gingerbread iced coffee:

Mmmm, I am definitely thankful for coffee!

I also popped into my local health shop to pick up some dried mango, and spotted that they have started selling Cliff bars. I never thought I'd see that happen in my little town!

I didn't buy any, but it's nice to know they're there if I want to!

When I got home from town, I got a text from my Grandma asking if it was convenient for her to pop round then for a coffee. I quickly tidied up put the coffee machine on, and welcomed her in. I am so thankful for all my family, that they live close by and are all healthy enough to be able to meet up with us. Izzy certainly values having so many family members close by too - she listed them all out by name as part of her long list!!

Once Grandma had left, I ate a chocolate raspberry bar that I'd bought in Costa. I did offer to share it with her, but she only wanted coffee!

This was quite nice, but a bit too dry. Not as many cherries as I'd been hoping for.

For lunch, to go with the orange theme, I had planned to have a baked sweet potato. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any vegetarian marshmallows (I been having serious food envy over all the sweet potato casserole pictures I've been seeing!!) and I discovered my caramelised onion houmous was 2 days out of date (oops) so instead I shared Toby's lunch - I knew I'd be eating plenty later on anyway!

Brie and cucumber baguette and chocolate milk. Tasty, and with the bonus that it had already been prepared for me - Liam makes the kids' sandwiches when he makes his own packed lunch each night.

I'd planned to make tonight's dessert while Toby napped, but I discovered I was completely out of eggs. Grrr, I only needed one! By the time Toby woke up it was time to pick Izzy up from school, so I end up having a very busy early evening in the kitchen!

So tonight's dinner. No turkey here...a) because I wouldn't eat it, and b) because it is way too much hassle - I went with our favourite meal (well, Liam's favourite vegetarian meal) which happens to be orange too! Butternut squash enchiladas - love love love these!

Served with guacamole and soured cream (and salsa for Liam) - Izzy specifically requested the dips as she loves dipping any crunchy wrap corners (that missed the tomato sauce when cooking) into them.

Dessert was Maria's Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, topped with whipped cream as that is what all the American bloggers seem to do! ;-)

I loved this so much - thank you Maria! The ginger base complemented the pumpkin pie perfectly...divine! :) Izzy loved it too. Toby had gone to bed by this stage, but am sure will enjoy it tomorrow. Liam hasn't "psyched himself up" to trying it yet. I actually bought him a caramel shortbread from Costa as I'm not really expecting him to like the pumpkin pie...but I haven't told him about the alternative dessert's existence until he's tried this one - you never know, he might surprise himself!

This post has gone on quite a lot already so I won't list all the things I am thankful for - that would go on too long perhaps! Oh who am I kidding? I'll just do a mini list! I am, of course, thankful for my family, friends, the house we live in, all the (delicious) food we get to eat etc etc - so many things we are lucky to have and experience. I am also thankful for all of you - people who take the time to read my little corner of the Internet and interact with me through comments, Twitter and emails - it's nice to feel I'm not talking to myself (!!) and it is so nice to share thoughts with people who have similar interests. Most of all though, I am thankful for these two - my lovely children - and a peaceful/happy moment this morning while they ate breakfast!

Izzy trying desperately to have open eyes - they're always normally closed in photos!!
Finally, I'm also thankful for my husband, who despite having been at work all day is currently washing up to thank me for cooking a delcious dinner. I think I've found a good one there! ;-) and tonight we will spend together watching The Mentalist - one of the few TV programmes we both love...oh what exciting lives we both lead!!!

Have you celebrated Thanksgiving at all today? What are you most thankful for?
As I'm guessing most people in the UK don't celebrate it, what is your favourite "special" meal to cook? Butternut squash enchiladas are definitely mine at the moment. When I was uploading today's photos, I realised I cooked them exactly two months ago as well - when Mum and Colin came round for dinner.

*edit* I've just noticed that Jenn has organised a Thanksgiving version of WIAW so I'm going to add this post to that for a slightly not traditional take on the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving again everyone, thanks Jenn!


  1. Everything looks very yummy! Hey, you can celebrate Thanksgiving too! You just did. Just because it is largely a North American thing doesn't mean we can't invite others to celebrate and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It all looks so tasty- I actually thought it was tomorrow for some reason (I had the 25th in my head, not the last thursday)- I thought it was to do with the time difference that the american blogs were posting about it. Whoops. Glad the cheesecake worked out well :) I saw you commented on the recipe- thanks.

  3. Thanksgiving is a state of mind -- celebrating across the pond is perfect legit! :) Your meals look great. Love the brie + cucumber sandwich; I'll have to try that sometime.

  4. Hi, Lucy! I found your blog through Peas and Crayons' twitter feed. I'm so glad I did. Your kids are adorable, and I've enjoyed reading about your perspective so far. I also really like your style of eating. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  5. Aw, I didn't expect to find a Thanksgiving post here... very cute. :)

    I love pumpkin everything - except pie. Practically makes me un-American. Ha.


  6. Sweet potato enchiladas sound good! I love the mentalist too!

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