Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIAW - Wintery Treats

Morning everyone! Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks Jenn :)

Sorry for my absence over the last few days - not really sure what happened there, the days just slipped away from me and I hardly took any photos on Sunday or Monday!

This post is based on yesterday's foods. I've been trying to keep my meals quite simple to help me stay on track with my eating, but inevitably some unpictured chocolatey treats have snuck in!

The day started with a good breakfast though - mashed banana porridge, homemade raspberry jam in a not-so-empty Dark Chocolate Dreams jar...

This was delicious - the jam, which is a bit too thick to eat cold, went lovely and melty. Only slight "ooops" was that this breakfast was over 700 calories - turns out there were still 80g of nut butter in the jar, but I didn't find that out until I'd already eaten breakfast!

As I had a bigger breakfast than planned, I kept lunch quite light - steamed asparagus with two poached eggs, alongside my 2nd coffee of the day...

Yum. This is one of my favourite "healthy treat" meals.

There was no chance of me going hungry with a yummy afternoon snack planned. Yesterday morning I made a batch of Averie's Fudgy Brownies (without Nutella or frosting) for my Grandma and her friends to enjoy tomorrow afternoon. Very sad we couldn't keep them all as they were my best brownies so far (I decreased the sugar a bit further to 375g and added an extra 20g flour as my Grandma wanted them to be slightly cakey). Still plenty fudgy, but with a slightly "smoother" texture. Anyway, my Grandma had said I could keep one or two, so I saved one for Liam and snuck a corner piece for myself - delish!

After enjoying my brownie, Toby and I set off in the rain to pick Izzy up from school. We got soaked! But that's ok because horrible weather = hot chocolate!

I was also very excited yesterday afternoon to find these!

These are some of the things I received in a blog swap ages ago - Liam had placed another fruit bowl on top of this fruit bowl so I hadn't known where they were!! Yipee, nut butter sachets back in my life! :-D The larabar was gone instantly - Toby and I shared it as an extra snack! I liked this flavour better than the other ones I've tried - the other ones were too salty for me whereas the salt wasn't really noticeable in this one so it was just like a Nakd bar, yum.

Dinner was a meal we all like and have regularly - grilled tofu (which I marinated in a soy sauce-brown sugar mix this time) with brown rice and roasted red kabocha squash.

I roasted the squash with a little maple syrup and cinnamon, and I added a some soy sauce to the rice - love the salty-sweet combo! I have some leftover squash to eat for today's lunch as well, can't wait!

Yesterday evening I ended up eating quite a few Lidl-brand 'Guylian' chocolates - I bought the box as a "just because" present for Liam, but he sat next to me on the sofa and shared...I have no willpower!!!

What was the best thing you ate today/yesterday? Have you started any winter traditions yet? Hot chocolates with whipped cream is rapidly becoming a tradition here - whenever it's cold or wet on the walk home from school, Izzy asks for them! We had quite a few last winter, but only once the snow had complaints for the early start this year, I love hot chocolate...and love the whipped cream even more!!


  1. I'm really struggling with the miserableness of this weather, I started out happy and chipper but have deteriorated to reflect the wet drabness of it at the moment ..... but that hot chocolate I'm SURE, would make me feel better.

  2. My winter tradition this year is going to be soy chai lattes I can tell! I have tried to make a few at home which turn out pretty good :) Those brownies look amazing!

  3. Those brownies look so delicious! I'm loving their light fudgy colour :)
    The best thing I ate today was a piece of home- made date & zucchini brownie. It was so lush and had the added bonus of a few sneaky vitamins thrown in ;)

  4. Everything looks great! I am in the mood for brownies and hot chocolate right now! :)

  5. I love the look of the eggs with asparagus. Poached eggs are one of my favourite things, but I haven't quite mastered cooking them yet!
    I've not really started any wintery traditions yet - it's not all that cold at the moment. I have dug out my scraf, hat and gloves though.

  6. Thanks Fran :)

    Lara - sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down :( the weather is horrible at the moment, all I want to do is snuggle up under a blanket & go to sleep!! The whipped cream makes the hot chocolates though - I recommend! :)

    Maria - mmm, chai lattes! I haven't ever had one hot but I might have to try one next time I'm in Starbucks. I love the brownies - favourite/easiest recipe!

    Sharon - that date & zucchini (courgette!) brownie sounds really cool - glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Shannon - thanks! :) Brownies and hot chocolates are always good! :)

    Sarah - thanks, I'm not brilliant at poaching eggs - that's one of Liam's jobs at the weekends - but these ones turned out well :) I need to buy some gloves!

  7. I get SO excited when my DCD jar is ready to contain a smoothie ;) hehe of course I'm SUPER sad when it's empty.

    Today I polished off my pumpkin roasted almond butter jar and it was SO good I was sad to see it go :(

  8. Don't stress about the calories. It goes to fuel your brain and your organs. And energy to run about after children :)
    The weather in London yesterday was dreadful! Drizzly and yet I still found myself on a walk meander about the city.....
    I've begun listening to Christmas music because the US is getting snow and I'm jealous :)

  9. i love the poached eggs over asparagus idea. healthy and yummy with a runny yolk, i'm sure!

  10. Mmmm runny eggs and asparagus. That sounds like a fantastic lunch! Gonna make that soon.

  11. I've been drinking crazy amounts of hot cocoa too. It started out because I had a sore throat, but then it got a little chilly and I can't say no to chocolate and marshmallows. I am so going to have to steal your homemade jam recipe. Looks amazing.

  12. Ha! Reading your comments reminded me that...
    I'm no longer pregnant and I can eat runny eggs!

    I always forget about having eggs as a lunch. Sometimes I make green eggs, but only in the morning. I always feel good about myself if I can get my husband and son to eat greens early in the day.

    I wish I would have gardened and made jam this year, but instead I had a baby! : )

  13. I'm having some really lovely enoki mushrooms. The flavor is mild and almost sweet. Is it hard to poach eggs? I've read up on it and it sounded hard...


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