Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WIAW - White Chocolate Oreo Fudge Takes Over My Day!!

Happy WIAW everyone! Lots of thanks to the lovely Jenn! :)

This week's post is based on Monday's food - purely because yesterday I was too busy running around to take many photos! Monday's foods were much better recorded.

I managed to find time to have breakfast before taking Izzy to school on Monday. Helped by the fact that I wanted to try out the new cereals I'd won in Maria's giveaway. Nature's Path gluten-free O's with milk and raspberries:

Not surprisingly, Monday's snacks consisted of lots of the white chocolate Oreo fudge that I made on Sunday. The whole batch is gone now, whoops.

This was so good. When I ate some on Sunday night it was a little bit too sweet, but once it had chilled overnight it hardened up a bit and the white chocolate flavour became much more prominent. Still sweet of course, but no longer so sweet that you could only eat one or two pieces at a time. *ahem* clearly - Liam was quite shocked at how little was left in the tin when he got home from work!!!

Not completely food related, but I also bought some new knives on Monday...I'm hoping these will give me the extra strength to be able to chop up my own squash!

So pretty! And they were half price too...I do love a bargain! I haven't actually had a chance to try these out yet as the man who sold them to me told me that glass chopping boards damage knives...ooops...need to buy a wooden one!

Lunch was this, x2:

I baked up one mini baguette which I had with the spiced plum jam, and then I couldn't resist baking another one to have with Brie cheese...yum!

Despite the number of pans I still used (Liam has decided he's "allergic" to brown rice so I have to cook white for him!!), dinner didn't feel too intense to make as the main part came from the freezer. Lentil daal, brown rice, boiled eggs and peas:

Yum. I hardly ever cook this as I get put off by the long time the daal takes to cook. Luckily last time I made it I made a double batch, so this daal just required re-heating :)

I have no photos of an after-dinner treat and I can't remember what I ate...I'm guessing it was probably more Oreo fudge! That is the problem with making treats "for Liam" - I easily end up eating half of the batch myself!

What was the best thing you ate today? Do you prefer to have sweet snacks or savoury? I'm normally most drawn to sweet treats (see the fudge ingredients - sugar, sugar, sugar!!) - I definitely have a sweet tooth! Even my "healthy" snacks tend to be on the sweet side - apple with peanut butter, medjool date with peanut butter etc...does carrot sticks with houmous count as savoury? That I can do! :)


  1. That fudge..phwoar..that is the best bit of food porn I've seen in a while. I missed your original post. I won't click the link. It's the kind of food I wouldn't stop eating!!

    Love those colourful knives!! x

  2. My goodness, that fudge looks amazing! I'm thinking that would make great Christmas gifts for my family too, who are all Oreo obsessed :)

  3. I love those knives! I'm of the opinion that every kitchen accessory is better in vivid colour. Those fit the bill. and that fudge, although lacking on colour, looks mighty fine as well. I usually hack into the squash and then bang it and the knife against the floor. Really classy, I know.
    I made a mini loaf of zucchini bread this morning which I ate 1/2 of for breakfast. Really hit the spot because it was hot from the oven!!
    Snacking is really whatever is around but I usually don't do that much sugar very well.

  4. I could not have that fudge around the house...looks Way too good!

  5. That fudge looks SO SO good! :)
    I love adding raspberries to a bowl of cereal!

  6. That fudge looks sensational! And I'm in love with your new set of knives. The colors are so much fun and I've never seen a knife-holder like that. Jealous!
    I usually prefer sweet snacks but this week I've been allll about savory. Weird! But, I'm rolling with it. :)

  7. I have a sweet tooth and I eat a lot of fruit to satisfy it on a daily basis. I love fudge though and I'm sure that I could have muched my way through quite a lot of that oreo fudge :-)

  8. Love those knives, where are they from?

    love Amy x

  9. Wow those knives- are they Joseph ones? They look like they would match the mixing bowls :)
    I have a sweet tooth and the massive majority of my snacks are sweet :) But I have savoury lunches and dinners so I hope it balances out! :)

  10. Your fudge looks totally scrum! And I LOVE the new knives! They're so funky! :)

    Two eats stood out for me today... the huge bowl of cocoa porridge that I had for breakfast, and the creamy avocado pesto pasta that we had for dinner (a 10-minute meal where I managed to successfully sneak avocado into my son's meal ;) He loved it! )

  11. Jealous of your knives! I stare at them in Target but I can't justify buying them. Do you have a favorite recipes for lentil daal?

  12. Thanks everyone! :)

    The fudge is amazing! The only thing I would say is that if it's not kept in the fridge, it goes super soft. To be fair, the original recipe doesn't actual call it fudge. I'm planning to have a play around to see if I can make it more fudge like so that it's better to give as gifts - I'll post about it if I do.

    The knives are a brand called Taylor's Eye Witness. They are great for injecting some colour into the kitchen, and they're supposed to be good knives too...I was happy to find them half price! :)

    Sara - my lentil daal was originally based on this recipe, although to be honest I now change the spices etc each time I make it!

  13. Yuuuumm...that oreo fudge looks amazing! And I love your new, pretty knives!


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