Friday, 23 March 2012

Slimming World and Body Balance

This post has turned into a bit of a wordy ramble about my body/weight. Feel free to skip it if that will bore or upset you...I've got it out of my system now and will be back to normal posting next time!

I finally bit the bullet and joined Slimming World yesterday. Some of you may have noticed that I've removed my 'Weight Journey' tab from the blog. My weight has been going up and up, and writing it down each week was depressing me rather than motivating me so it had to go!

Slimming world has, two whole days in, been a positive experience so far though. As I don't eat meat or fish anyway, I am following the green plan which means that as well as all the "free" fruits, vegetables, pasta, grains etc I get two healthy extra As (which I've been using to have between 375-750ml skimmed milk a day - I love my lattes and they are one of my protein sources) and two healthy extra Bs (a wide range to choose from, but yesterday and today I had mine in the form of 35g porridge oats and two slices of wholemeal bread, I will also have houmous or nuts for one of them sometimes). I've previously calorie counted, and I like that I now don't need to weigh my "free" foods. For example, tonight we had egg fried rice for dinner (brown rice, eggs, peas, sweetcorn, soy sauce) and it was great to be able to not have to worry about the weight of everything, or the proportion of my portion size in relation to the whole recipe. Family cooking whilst calorie counting isn't always easy!

Anyway, I'm not always going to talk about Slimming World, promise, but I thought I'd mention it today. I've actually found that my meals are pretty much unchanged, the only real differences is are switching from white bread to wholemeal bread and not adding cheese to everything. My main change is when I want to snack - I've been choosing fruit over chocolate/biscuits/cake...long may it last!

Here are some of my meals from the last two days anyway...

Yesterday brunch (I had a latte first thing, then went to Slimming World meeting 9.30am-11am so this was after that) - porridge with mashed banana and peanut butter:

Pretty new bowl - £1.50 from The Factory Shop

This was actually my only Slimming World "shock" so far. You are allowed 5-15 syns a day for extra foods, and I decided to use some on peanut butter. I decided to have 1 tbsp which is 4.5 syns, but my "half a heaped spoon should equal a tbsp" actually weighed the equivalent of two tbsp...whoops!

For this morning's porridge I decided to just use half a syn for a tsp of cocoa powder, alongside the oats, milk, banana and blueberries:

Not quite as pretty, but still tasty! The SW portion for oats used to be 28g, but it has gone up recently to 35g. I used to eat 40g but I couldn't really notice the drop, this still kept me full.

I've also been eating wholemeal bread. Yesterday I had poached eggs on toast for dinner, today was an egg mayonnaise & cucumber sandwich...

Delicious, and even better when eaten outside. The weather has been gorgeous here today, so this was my "home" for a couple of hours this afternoon...

Bliss! Thank you Toby for having a nice long nap!! ;-)

I had done some kind of activity in the morning to justify my relaxing afternoon. As the title suggests, I tried out Body Balance this morning. Toby went to creche (loved it - so happy (and relieved!) that he's settled in so well!) and my sister and I went to the Body Balance class. It was...interesting. I could feel it was doing me good - my feet and calves (which are my particular problem areas) were on fire for most of it. Sarah didn't find that though so I don't know if it was just me. Haha, even standing on my tiptoes for any length of time made my calves hurt!! The instructor was a bit irritating though, but I'm guessing part of that is how the class is meant to be. For the last song of the class, we all had to lie down with our eyes closed (one lady even put a blanket over herself!) and think about "the hard ground beneath us supporting us as life will support us the more we let go". I don't know. I might give it another go as it is exactly what the podiatrist I saw recommended, but I definitely don't enjoy it as much as I did Body Pump.

Sarah and I were also planning to go to Boxercise at our local gym last night, but annoyingly they are no longer running it. (They've replaced it with a boot camp style class, shudder, we didn't go to that!!) I noticed this morning that the gym-with-creche is starting Body Combat classes (Les Mills same as Body Pump and Body Balance) mid-April so we're looking forward to giving that a try instead. Although my sister is starting her new job next week so I'll either have to go during the day (with Toby in creche) on my own, or in the evening with Sarah if the classes are late enough for Liam to get back from work first. I'm going to miss having my sister as my driving/exercise partner - I feel so much more confident driving with her in the passenger seat, and it's nice to try new classes with someone I know for the first time! She's still going to be in the same town as us though, so like I say, we'll hopefully still be able to go to evening classes sometimes.

Anyway, back to food. Whilst this new "diet" is still in the early stages, I am of course full of enthusiasm. It's nice to finally have some motivation back, I just hope it stays long enough for me to get down to a healthy BMI/weight I'm happier with. As I already mentioned, it has encouraged me to use fruit as my first choice for snacks when I want something sweet. I've been snacking on mango...

and apples...

and also iced lattes - summer's coming! For this I poured a glass of milk with ice, and then made up an "espresso shot" with two tsps of instant coffee, vanilla stevia and a little boiling water. I do also make iced coffees by brewing a pot of coffee then placing it in the fridge overnight, but this way is quicker!

Before stirring obviously!

Mmm, loved this. Iced lattes seem so much more luxurious than the hot version, even though they have exactly the same ingredients!

Finally food picture - tonight's dinner - egg fried rice:

Very simple dinner, but it is one I cook quite regularly. This and pasta with passata and frozen peas/sweetcorn are my two store cupboard staples that I cook when I'm rushed/tired (ie Fridays usually) and both are already Slimming World friendly. The only change I made to this was not using sesame oil to flavour it - just soy sauce - and then Liam added some sesame oil to his once I'd served it.

Have you ever been to Slimming World before? Or any of the other weight loss groups/communities? I did Weight Watchers when Izzy was about 10 months old - although i followed the Core plan rather than Points, so it had similar principles to Slimming World. I did actually get down to my goal weight with Weight Watchers, but then went way off track the week after getting to goal, put 6lbs back on in a week and then never went back again. I was about a stone heavier than that goal weight when I got pregnant with Toby, and then put on lots and lots during pregnancy! I've recently been using the Weight Loss Resources website to count calories, but the problem with that was I found, for me, it really all or nothing. Either I'd be counting every calorie obsessively, and having to weigh/measure every single ingredient, or I'd just give up and not even try to calorie count - eg if I went out for a meal or ate cake made by someone else (or just for days on end when I went off track!) One of the things I like about Slimming World is that, because there is a list of "free food", it is easier to deal with occasions when you don't know exactly what you are eating. For example, if we go out for dinner I can choose to have something like a tomato-based pasta dish, knowing that it's only the oil used in cooking that I need to guess the syn count for, rather than also having to guess the portion size of pasta etc to count the calories.

I do find it frustrating though. I know what I should be doing to lose weight, and a lot of me thinks I shouldn't need to go to Slimming World or the like - I should just be able to eat healthily without following set guidelines and the at the very least be able to maintain my current weight. But the fact is I don't. If I'm not following a set plan then I ate way too much - too many sugary foods but also too much of everything. Left to my own devices I constantly graze on anything I can find. And then I gain weight. I'm hoping that by following Slimming World it will help me to make "better" choices more often. I was so surprised when I chose to eat an apple this afternoon. It was just before I started cooking dinner (about an hour before we ate) so perhaps I should have just not eaten anything, but normally I pick on chocolate/nut butter/dried fruit etc etc while cooking, so a plain apple is a huge improvement!

Sorry for the mega wordy post! I know a lot of you probably aren't interested in diets (in which case, I hope for your sake that you've skim-read this post!) but I just wanted to get some of my thoughts written down. As you can see, it's still a bit of a jumble - I'm not entirely happy that it's got to the stage where I need to go to Slimming World, so I suppose a lot of this post is trying to convince myself that it's what I need to do right now. Something needed to change. I can't just keep on gaining weight. It's not healthy, and I'm fed up of it. I'm fed up of none of my clothes fitting and my joints complaining from having to carry around the extra weight. I want to be able to buy summery clothes without worrying that if they fit over one body area they'll be too tight/loose for another. My tummy is disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body at the moment so I'm hoping that as I get closer to "normal" (for me) my body shape will get more balanced again. Maybe writing it down will help me actually stick to it this time. My Mum has joined Slimming World as well - to lose a few pounds, but mainly to support me. At the very least she's useful for holding Toby while I get weighed - he tried to cling to me when I stepped on the scales yesterday, but I really don't need to add his body weight on top of my own!! ;-)


  1. I tried slimming world once but sadly I am SO greedy I took the "eat as much of" to the absolute limit and managed to put on weight :-(
    Weight Watchers I never really got into the swing of!
    Weight Loss Resources I'm still a member of but go in swings and roundabouts ....
    .... I'm still trying to find what I can do as a lifestyle change - moderation is my BIG problem

    1. Yes, I have a problem with moderation too. Although I'm not so bad with main meals as I've always weighed my carbs anyway - even before I had children/started worrying about weight - as otherwise I end up cooking way too much or not enough! My main issue is snacks though - I could happily just pick at things all day long, so I'm finding SW helpful so far as I don't tend to overeat on fruit & veg in the same way as I do chocolate and peanut butter!

      We'll both get there one day, going slowly as a lifestyle change is way better than being too strict, esp with families - Liam always says I'm super grumpy on the (very rare) days that I don't eat enough!! ;)

  2. I went to weight watchers a few years ago and did really well on the old points plan but couldn't get my head around the new plan. I've never been keen on slimming world because of the syns. As most people are overweight because of a bad relationship with food I don't think their first experience of fixing it should have words with those sorts of connotations. Having said that loads of people make it work so it must be doing something right.

    With most of these things it's the group and accountability that really helps. I have never been as successful on my own.

    1. I always found the syn things offputting too, but the leader was very quick to stress that syn stands for synergy, and of course the foods we use syns for are not sins. She was more than happy for people to use their syns for wine etc (haha, that was my Mum's first question!!) and emphasised that the syns should be used to help find balance between what you were eating. She seemed quite positive about it all anyway which helped, I definitely wouldn't want someone who saw eating as a negative thing, but she still seemed to love food
      after losing weight on slimming world.

      And yes, accountability is key. Next week we have a "blind weigh-in" which means that we're not actually told how much we've lost until we all sit down for the meeting afterwards. They never reveal our weight but they ask how we think our week has been and then say things like (her example) "well yes, I can tell you've had a great week - you lost 3 lbs!" One woman said she found blind weigh-ins really motivating - gives you an extra focus for that week I guess.

  3. Hi Lucy I really enjoy reading your blog and have not commented before but it seems you have such a lovely family and are a wonderful warm person that I just wanted to say you shouldn't let your weight get you down so much! From pictures I have seen you are absolutely beautiful anyway and you must tell yourself what is important in life and just live it to enjoy it! Of course it's important to think about weight in terms of long term health but to me it seems your diet is extremely healthy, vibrant and varied and probably puts a lot of peoples' diets to shame!
    Anyway it just really saddened me to see a wonderful person feeling low about something that if you think about it, is really quite insignificant in terms of what is important in life...and you are hardly morbidly obese! Everyone is different, everybody is different shapes and sizes, you just need to embrace your own individual figure and love yourself for who you are! My Mum has always said she wouldn't change her jelly belly for the world as it is the proof of her two beautiful daughters, and I think its true, our bodies are in a way a reflection of our life experiences - good and bad! - so its important to accept it and be proud of it. I can empathise also as I do tend to get an all or nothing mentality...but it's such a waste of time! Honestly, you seem a lovely mother, wife, daughter and just seems such a shame to be worrying over something which once put into perspective, is really quite trivial and almost superficial - the emphasis on body-image is so strong these days that I find it quite tiresome. Trust me, everyone battles with their weight/body-image, we can all sympathise, but your blog has really touched me reading it, as your settled family life seems like bliss to me, and you've also inspired me to try a vegetarian diet! So I feel that when you have so much, you really needn't be wasting your energies on worrying about a quality that really has nothing to do with defining who you are as a person - weight. Unless of course weight has escalated to such an extent it is posing a serious problem to health, then it must be addressed, but you clearly don't have anything to worry about in this respect! Keep blogging, and enjoy the weather! Love reading about your outdoorsy posts - I live in the city so seeing your beautiful seaside pictures just takes me away!

    1. Thank you so much for all the lovely things you've said, and I'm glad you like reading the blog :)

      I do agree I don't want my weight to be my main focus - and it isn't normally. I always make sure I eat the same meals as the rest of the family, and we always sit down to meals together etc. That is more important to me than losing weight, but if I can cut down on the snacking (a lot of which doesn't make it on to the blog as I just grab things from the cupboard without photographing them!) so that I can still lose weight whilst enjoying family things then that will be good. This morning, for example, we are going out to brunch with my Dad and sisters. I'm probably going to have poached eggs on wholemeal toast which will still be "on plan" and to be honest is something I've had in the past anyway.

      I do get what you're saying about accepting your body as it is, but I don't want to keep getting bigger and bigger! I've gained almost 2 stone since my wedding last July. I don't even necessarily want to get back to that weight, but I would like to get some of the weight back off and then be able to maintain happily. Definitely going to take it slowly though - I'll still enjoy ice creams at the beach when it's summer because those moments are important to me as well. I love spending time with my family, including eating food, and can't see that ever stopping!

      Glad you like reading the outdoorsy posts too. I sometimes worry that I post too many photos of our days out, and that people will find those posts less interesting, but they are the ones I most enjoy looking back on. It's so fun to be able to look back and see what we were doing this time last year, and how the children have changed in that time! :)

  4. By the way (same person as Anonymous comment), Body Combat is my favourite Les Mills class - I have done them all. Body pump and combat are the best. Combat is quite intense lots of kicking and punching to a GREat set of tracks, is very empowering feeling punching your way to fitness! Not sure if some leg tracks would be too tough on your legs/calfs as I think you do need quite a high level of fitness for the class. Having said that my Mum used to do the class with me and just took it at her own pace anyway and they sometimes give you an easier alternative for those with joint problems etc.

    1. That's good to know, thanks. The instructors always ask at the start of classes if anyone has any medical problems they need to be aware of, so I will let them know about my leg issues so that I can modify things if necessary. I want to try it and see what I think - I'm trying to try as many different classes as possible at the moment, so that hopefully I'll find some that I really enjoy :)

  5. I have been using WLR for several years now. Initially it went really well- I lost just over a stone (and got into the healthy weight range as I had crept into overweight) but I never got to my "goal" weight. I think because I am short there is less leeway in a way, and the calories they say I would need to maintain my weight lead me to gaining weight, so for the last few years I have fluctuated up and down about 5lbs, which does not sound much but it does show on my quite quickly I think. I go through phases of logging every day (I do food plans so I can add my regular Tuesday meals all in one go and just add the snacks separately) but then I get a bit fed up with it/ run out of time, and then have weeks where I don't log anything. I find it more useful when I was exercising as it was stopping me from overestimating the amount I had used during exercise. I have never tried weight watchers (the points seems more complicated than just counting calories) and a few friends did slimming world, but the free foods did not make sense to me- if I ate 100g pasta for dinner each night I would quickly put on weight- plus the "syns" seem to provoke an unhealthy relationship with food.
    But anyway, it works for a lot of people.
    I know where you are coming from anyway- I know I have put on some weight since first going into hospital (I have not weighed myself but have seen when I got weighed in hospital/ at the doctors) and I am very close to being overweight, and all I have worn is tracksuit bottoms and leggings (as anything tight around the stomach is quite sore) so I am hoping my work trousers fit!I was never skinny, but I think we all have a point where we feel our healthiest, and so I just mean that I understand that you feel the need to lose a little weight.
    I think choosing healthier snacks like fruit are much easier in the summer, and if following a plan helps you with that then it will help you if that makes sense.
    Gosh my comment is nearly as long as your post! x
    PS Hope you like the body combat class- one of my friends does that and she loves it.

  6. I love Body Combat and I used to do it 3 times a week - it's addictive! Unfortunately there are no classes around me now, otherwise I'd be there in a flash.
    I lost 4 stone with Weight Watchers a few years ago and I've managed to keep most of it off, so I guess I can say it worked for me. I loved the support you get from group meetings and I always stayed to hear the talk. However, I think it's quite easy to get into that "all or nothing" mentality or become very restrictive, so I think it's important to have a reality check. It looks like you eat a fairly healthy diet, so don't change too much. Have you read Intuitive Eating? I found it really helpful to sort through some of the very common issues that a lot of people have with food and dieting.
    Good luck with it :-)

  7. Have you ever heard of transitions lifestyle classes for weight loss?? I just learned about them and know people who have gotten wonderful results! Best of luck to you :)

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