Thursday, 8 March 2012

The story of the chocolate peanut butter cups...

I saw a couple of recipes for nut butter cups last week. So on Tuesday I decided to make some of my own...

Dark chocolate + peanut butter + icing sugar = delicious...

But very addictive... I made six originally, but only four made it to the plate, and after demolishing another one in the name of the photos, I decided I better share the last three with the children... They were definitely very happy to see them!

And after waiting (not so) patiently for me to take a few photos...

They dug straight in!

As well as being delicious, homemade peanut butter cups are also rather messy...

But luckily Liam was waiting on the sidelines with lots of wet wipes - he hates mess even more than he hates the combo of chocolate and peanut butter (!!)

Toby only managed to eat about half a peanut butter cup before the mess got too much for him - he is the child who can't bear to get sand on his feet at the beach, so melted chocolate all over his hands and face was unbearable! Izzy loved them though and finished off Toby's leftovers, and we were glad Toby stopped when he did when he started making gagging noises!! He was fine, but the I think the dark chocolate was a bit too rich for him - lots of water and tongue sticking out and he was all better!

Well, I think that's enough cutesy photos for one day week! Normal service will resume when I next post!!

Have you ever made peanut butter cups? Do you prefer bought ones or homemade? We don't have a lot of choice where I live - I am so jealous of my friends near London (or indeed those of you in America) who have easy access to Reese's peanut butter cups in the shops, but here I have to make do with making them myself! I always put too much chocolate in the bottom of the cases to start with, so then it is too thick underneath the peanut butter mixture, but not enough to fully cover them on top. I must remember this for next time I make them! I think I'll also try them with milk chocolate next time - slightly more child-friendly I imagine.


  1. Those photos are adorable :-) I've never tried a nut butter cup, but they sound good!

  2. I know I've said this before, but please adopt me and feed me PB cups and uber-green green smoothies. You must have the healthiest kids in the world.

    I've never had a PB cup, and I eat PB far too quickly to make them myself. Yours look amazing!


  3. No cute pictures of kiddos ROCK :-)
    I've never tried these cookies before but think I might, the kids faces are just TOOOO excited its brilliant.

  4. Those pictures are so cute! I love their expressions.
    I make them, but I never add the icing sugar, just a dollop of pb in the centre. Mine never last long either, although I make them in the mini cases now so at least it makes more!

  5. I love making peanut butter cups, my boyfriend always requests them, and then totally demolishes them!

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