Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIAW - Keeping It Green

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Jenn has declared March green month...and you know how I like a theme...

This post is based on Monday's food - where the focus was definitely green!

First, breakfast - after the school run and going round to a friend for several cups of tea - this was half a banana, lots of spinach, frozen (fresh) pineapple, milk and some Rachel's ginger yoghurt:

Toby liked the look of this too. The boy won't eat green pasta, but he loves green smoothies!

Because breakfast was quite late, I kept it light for lunch. A whole bunch of asparagus with some blue cheese...

I loved this, the blue cheese had a really strong flavour and went all melty to cover the asparagus. Asparagus is one of my favourite veggies - the only supermarket that sells it locally is Waitrose so it always feels like a treat when I have some in the fridge. I think this combination would also be nice with some quinoa if you wanted a heavier lunch - I love quinoa with everything though, definitely one of my favourite carbs! Ooooh, or I used to have sweet potatoes with asparagus and cheese. I haven't had a sweet potato in ages, must change that soon!

Anyway, moving on...! Mid-afternoon I got a bit peckish, so I decided to "green up" one of my favourite snacks - strawberries with peanut flour sauce - with the addition of a green apple:

Just as good as always, with added crunch from the apple.

Toby decided not to nap on Monday so he was tired and grumpy earlier than usual. And poor Liam was so busy at work that he didn't get time to eat lunch until 3.30pm! Those two factors combined...I decided to cook dinner earlier than usual for me and the children (I was hungry too!) and then Liam ate the leftovers when he got hungry...which wasn't until about 9pm! Whenever Liam's not eating with us, my thoughts immediately go to broccoli (as Liam doesn't like it) so I decided to serve the planned paneer and pea curry on top of broccoli instead of rice - lots of green!!

The children each had a slice of bread with their curry - they thought it was great fun to mop the sauce up with that instead of rice! I decided to save my extra carbs for later on - the one thing that wasn't green...

Chocolate vs veggies - I love them both to be honest - I definitely feel best when both play a part in my daily diet!

This was one of the chocolate bars I bought on Friday, thanks to Maria's recommendation. This chocolate was lovely. At first I wasn't entirely sure about the texture of the poppy seeds, but I soon began to enjoy it, and I loved the sweet lemon-white chocolate flavour. The perfect thing to satisfy my sweet tooth and end the day happy! :-)

What is your favourite green vegetable? Vegetables or chocolate or both? I love asparagus and broccoli especially, but also courgette, pak choy, mangetout, spinach and the simple pea. Plus probably lots more that I've forgotten!! I think I can eat more vegetables before I get sick of them than I can chocolate - I could never demolish a big plate of chocolate in the way that I do veg. But a small amount of chocolate each day definitely keeps me happy. I usually love dark chocolate but this white chocolate was really tasty too.


  1. I agree, I like when both nutritious vegetables and indulgent sweets play a role together... otherwise I feel too guilty! I will have to look out for that chocolate bar, it sounds tasty!

  2. I could never pick between vegetables and chocolate!

  3. Yummy! Lots of green in your week of eats! I think that smoothie sounds delicious. I'm with you when it comes to veggies. I LOVE asparagus, especially if it's grilled. I also love green beans, red bell peppers..all veggies really! But chocolate is a vice. :-X something about chocolate and fruit. It can't be THAT bad for you if you incorporate fruit with it, right? ;)

  4. That chocolate sounds delicious! Also, your paneer looked super yummy.

  5. That all looks so good! I'd be so hard pressed to choose a fave green. I do love my kale but broccoli sits pretty highly too!

  6. I love EVERYTHING green...and I love the word "peckish." I'm going to try and remember to use that more often. ;)

  7. Glad you liked the chocolate! What a lot of green stuff- I love spinach and I like broccoli, although I often forget to buy it. Also a lot of salad stuff like rocket/ watercress and things like that. I think I have only had asparagus in restaurants- never sure how to cook it myself for some reason- maybe I should give it a go. I would not want to give up either- I love chocolate, but if I go a few days without veggies I feel rubbish.

  8. Nice job with the greens! I'd say veggies over chocolate.....though I love them both (of course)

  9. Mmm all looks so tasty..i cant decide between veggies/chocolate either..both so tasty in their own way mm!


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