Friday, 24 June 2011

Evening Food Can Be Good Too!

After posting this morning about my love for breakfast, I thought I better balance it out by sharing my love for dinner too! I love all food really!! :)

Tonight's dinner was a good one - I actually put a little time into preparing it rather than grabbing the easiest/quickest thing in the cupboard. I feel so much better when I'm eating food I've actually put effort into and looked forward to.

I first pressed a block of tofu and then marinated it in this garlic chilli sauce I picked up in Lidl...

and then grilled it for 6 minutes on each side (in the style of Mama Pea).

Meanwhile I had some sweet potato chips roasting in the oven at 200C for 40 minutes, and I stir-fried some pak choi in the final few minutes of cooking time.

Between the oven, hob and grill being on and all the turning of tofu, chips etc I worked up quite a sweat from all the steam! The results made it all worthwhile though!

This was the first time we'd had pak choi this year and it was delicious (daughter even went as far as to say "I love pak choi!") - I hate it when it's overcooked so literally only cook it for 2-3 minutes and serve as soon as it's done. The sweet potato chips were great - just cooked simply in coconut oil. And the tofu was one of my best attempts at plain tofu cooking so far.

The only slight thing I'd change is how I cooked the tofu - the second side that I cooked was great as it was nice and crispy - once I'd taken the sweet potatoes out I turned the temperature up for the last couple of minutes (my oven and grill temps are linked) but the first side was still a bit spongy - next time I would finish both sides off at the higher temp - then the whole meal would've been perfect!

Any perfect meal should be finished off with dessert right? The others had ice cream, but I whizzed up a healthier pud in my blender...

Peach Yoghurt Mess
  • 1 pot (170g) Total Greek yoghurt
  • 2 ripe peaches (that needed eating!)
  • 20g raw honey
  • 15g Justin's maple almond butter

This was so tasty! I normally make richer blended puds (cocoa powder, avocado, dates etc as the base) but this was lovely and summery because of the peaches, with occasional bites of nut butter in it, mmm! I now feel happy and content without feeling too full...fingers crossed it lasts all evening!

What have your favourite meals been this week? Any recommendations? I'm looking to try out some new recipes as I've been getting a bit bored of cooking the same meals on rotation all the time - don't want to get stuck in a rut! Luckily there are so many great blogs with lots of recipes I want to try, but sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to cook!!


  1. I really must be brave and cook tofu like that- I either buy the flavoured stuff or blend it up with pumpkin/ tomato etc for a sauce. And I love the idea of sweet potato chips.
    That peach mess looks lovely- I love peaches so much- so summery.
    As for recipes, no idea! What do you fancy? I like bean wraps (cook and onion, add kidney beans, chilli, tomato puree and mash, then add peppers, sweetcorn, and then cook in the oven in a wrap. So lovely (esp if you sprinkle with cheese too). Perfect with a salad.

  2. Love the look of that tofu! I'm going to get some of that sauce to try it!

  3. Maria - defintely give the tofu a go! We also like it "deep-fried" - I just cube the tofu, marinate it, dip it in flour then fry it in my wok, but I put a bit more oil than usual in and get it sizzling before adding the tofu - watch out though - the oil will spit!!
    Mmmm, I've been craving wraps so much - the main thing I haven't been able to find a gluten free version of! Having said that, avoiding gluten hasn't made any difference to my symptoms, if anything they've got worse. Is a month (tomorrow according to my blog posts!) enough time to give gluten-free a go do you think? Probably not really. I've got a hospital appt on Thursday so I'm going to see what my consultant says (appt not about digestive issues per se, but related) and then think about re-introducing gluten slowly to see the effects. We'll see. If I do then wraps will be one of the first things I eat! I make a kidney bean-sweet potato burrito that sounds similar to your wrap, yum.

    Laura - thanks! The sauce was a bit spicier than I was expecting. It was too strong for me on my fingertip (!) but I really liked it when cooked on the tofu :)

  4. I haven't had tofu in forever! I used to eat grilled tofu sandwiches nearly everyday. I'm starting to miss them now :)

  5. The tofu looks wonderful, my favourite way to prepare it is to marinate in a thick sauce like bbq and grill too. I slightly over cook mine as I like it to be more crispy than not.

    It's so hard to decide what to eat! I have hundreds of recipes bookmarked but always get stuck in a food rut. I've been in to salads this week, how about a hot mexican salad? My favourite is to cook some pinto beans and onions/peppers/mushrooms with some seasoning, like taco/fajita packets in a wok. They go like refried beans! Then serve over a giant salad. Boyfriend usually has them in wraps/taco's then so it can be adapted to be gluten free or not.
    Home made veggie burgers? A different type of curry to one you'd usually make?

  6. Mmmm, I love tofu sandwiches too. Not sure I've had them with grilled tofu though - I usually just use smoked tofu cold in sandwiches.

    Home made veggie burgers sound good, I made bean burgers once a while back but should do so again. I'm not a fan of the texture of beans, but mashed or blended I can do! And curry is always good, thanks! :)


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