Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WIAW - How Not To Eat

Evening everyone! Time for another What I Ate Wednesday post!

Unfortunately, despite knowing that I'd be posting all my food today, I still didn't manage to eat in a way that resembles any form of structure or how I normally eat. Not something I would recommend copying. I blame wedding stress!
The day started ok though. I decided to get up when Liam's alarm went off at 6.30am - he then went to work and I had half an hour to myself before I had to wake the children up. Time to enjoy a latte in peace...
Re-used photo, sorry, turns out I'd left the camera on overnight so the battery had run out, whoops. At least I realised in time to charge it before breakfast! I make my latte a mug of milk in the microwave and then stirring in instant coffee and agave nectar. Perhaps not the "best" way to make coffee, but it works for me - quick and delicious!
Once the children were dressed and breakfasted, and Mum had picked up daughter to take her to school (thanks Mum!) it was time for my breakfast. The children had had peanut butter and banana on toast, so I was kind of fancying those flavours, but in smoothie form...
PB & J Smoothie
  •  1 banana
  • 80g frozen blueberries
  • 100ml milk
  • 25g peanut butter
I skipped the spinach today in favour of a pretty purple colour!

This was delicious, I loved the fruity flavour! If you're not trying to fit into a wedding dress in 1.5 weeks (eeek!) I recommend adding a bit more peanut butter. Still good though.

Baby and I then went to toddler group. Good fun. I resisted the biscuits and just had a cup of tea. All the playing must've tired baby out as he fell asleep in the pushchair on the way home, despite the pouring rain. He's ok - he has a rain cover. I, on the other hand, got drenched...

This was taken after I'd changed into dry comfy clothes (PJs & a hoodie!) and towel-dried my hair so not the full effect. Remind me not to smile grin in my wedding photos - I always get a double chin in photos but the above photo is just ridiculous!!
I decided to warm up with a hot chocolate rather than coffee. Mistake. The little Options sachet could not hold its own against my mammoth mug of hot milk.
This should've been white hot chocolate but ended up being a large mug of sweet, slightly greasy milk. Boston Tea Party's white hot chocolate can not be beaten.
Liam was working 7am-4pm today, so came home in his lunch break. I'd been organised enough to put sweet potatoes in the oven an hour beforehand (that's a good day for me - sometimes I wait til he's home to decide what to cook... "bad wife-to-be"!!!!) which he and baby had with tuna mayo and I had with blue cheese pate...
So good. Seemingly not enough food though as mid-afternoon I got hit by the snack-attack big time.
About 2.30pm the snacks came out...
Vegetable crisps dipped in houmous. One of my favourite snacks.
I ate about half the bag of crisps and a third of the houmous, which you think would be enough. However as always when I eat crisps (admittedly not very often) I craved something sweet to balance out the saltiness.
Enter some of Liam's milk chocolate (my dark chocolate has been re-hidden away by him!!) slathered with peanut butter...
...and that is where the photos end. I did have another latte when Liam got home from work, and more chocolate with peanut butter while preparing the children's dinner, but no dinner for me.
It's so silly. It's not that I didn't eat dinner deliberately per se but a) I still feel kinda full as a result of the afternoon snackage and b) I usually find that if I don't cook dinner for the whole family I run out of energy to cook for myself once the children are in bed. We do usually all eat together, but when I put the sweet potatoes in for lunch today I'd forgotten that they were meant to be one of the main components of dinner. #fail.
So that's my WIAW. I hope next week will be slightly better. At least the week after that I'll be in Barcelona!!! :-D
Does you're eating suffer when you're stressed/tired/lacking in time? How do you deal with it? I haven't been sleeping well recently, so that combined with Liam starting full-time hours at work, and final wedding details to sort out is leaving the food side of my life a bit disorganised to say the least! Not good at the best of times, let alone when I'm trying to at least maintain, if not lose, weight - after saying yesterday that my weight had been completely stable all week, it jumped up a pound overnight! I know that's not "real" and is a direct result of yesterday's afternoon snacks (many Eat Natural bars, a 9bar, and a whole box of gf choc tiffin bars...I found where Liam had hid my snack box!!) but it's not going to go back down if I keep overeating/grabbing the nearest food to me rather than eating decent meals!
Aaargh, rant over! Believe it or not, I woke up this morning feeling really positive and determined to look on the bright side of everything. I'll try again tomorrow!!


  1. Try again today like you say. I think I am realising the effect of sugar more- if I have something sugary then I do want more of it later that day. So I just plan what I eat every weekday (when I am more tempted as I am tired from work). Plus Andy tells me off if I do not eat dinner, so it is not worth the argument! So that works for me on most days.
    Love the wet hair photo- it did really chuck it down here yesterday too!

  2. I agree with you and just try again the next day. I hope you fell more positive about things today. I love your foodie swap haul too! :)

  3. When I get stressed I tend to eat whatever's available mindlessly. It's a very stressful time for you, so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself - it wasn't a completely awful day of eating, even though you would have liked it to be better.

  4. Oooh vegetable crisps in hummous... that's something I haven't had in ages. I could polish off them right now haha

  5. Thanks everyone :) I did have a bit of a better day yesterday in the sense that I ate 3 proper meals...but it was still supplemented by quite a lot (read - almost 2x 100g bars!) of chocolate. At least the 2nd bar was Lindt Sea Salt - worth the calories!! :D


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