Thursday, 30 June 2011

Week's Highlights - Food, Clothes and People

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't checked in for a while - as I'm sure you can imagine this week has been super busy! Tonight is my last evening in our house as a 'Miss' (daughter and I are spending tomorrow night at my Mum's for a boy-girl split!) and I still have loads to do! Our whole house needs to be cleaned as various people will be staying in it, while we're on honeymoon, to look after the children. Liam is busy writing his speech and finishing off the table plan. And my Mum will be coming round with the florist later to let me pick the flowers I want in my bouquet (the florist specialises in local, seasonal flowers, so she will bring with her a selection of what is available right now). So yeah. Busy busy. I wanted to post something though as I miss you guys and, with the wedding and honeymoon, I'm not sure when I'll next be able to post properly (I will try to post quick photos/random thoughts when possible to keep you all updated though).

So without more rambling, highlights from the week...

Food. My eating has been all over the place (tonight's "dinner", for example, consisted of broccoli dipped in ketchup followed by peanut butter frosting from Spabettie!) but their have been some memorable moments!

Conscious Orange Raw Chocolate...

I love Conscious Chocolate... this flavour wasn't even from my latest order. It must've been sitting in my fridge forgotten about for a while...a very nice surprise!!

PB&Co White Chocolate Dreams and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl...

LOTS of peanut butter spoonfuls have been consumed this has become a bit of a calming ritual...both jars are over half gone...whoops but so worth it!!

White chocolate covered gluten free pretzels...

These were really tasty. I loved the salty-sweet combo. I ate the bag of these plus some leftover roast veggies (from a "proper" dinner the night before - I have eaten some meals, honest!) for lunch one day.

Finally, something savoury...paneer & pea curry...

This was as delicious as always (I hate that orange foods never come out right in my photos!) but my tummy didn't agree unfortunately! Liam had commented before that it was odd for a bride to be eating curry a few days before her wedding, which is why I made a curry rather than getting takeaway. I'd never had a problem with this before, but lesson certainly learnt!!

Clothes. I'd already bought quite a few clothes for our honeymoon, but I couldn't resist buying a few more things this week!!

Grey Cardi, New Look:

This is a really light fabric so should be good for the slightly cooler but still pleasantly warm (fingers crossed!!) Spanish evenings :)

Maxi Dress, New Look:

I did like this, it would have been an easy, relaxed outfit. However a) the fabric was very clingy to my tummy, and b) more importantly there is a grease stain on the front that I hadn't noticed in the shop (my sister handed it to me while I was queuing at the til for the cardi, so I didn't properly examine it) so it has to go back.

Floaty Skirt, local department store:

I love this! The fabric is so cool and floaty, and the pattern is all happy and summery! :)

Earrings, local shop:

I had my ears pierced almost 6 weeks ago now. I've already bought special earrings for the wedding day, but the only earrings I have from when I last had my ears pierced are dangly ones and I'm only meant to wear studs for the next 6 months. So these pairs will be good for the honeymoon and beyond! :)

People. My two favourite little people of course!

I get to enjoy so many cute moments with these two each day! This was baby "reading" a book by himself, before daughter decided she wanted to squish him a cuddle!!

The only other "people" photos I have on the camera are of me looking tired after only 5 hours sleep, and Liam staring moodily at his laptop trying to write his speech (indeed very similar to right now!) so I'll spare you those!!

I can't wait to share lots of wedding photos with you all! The majority may have to wait until we're back off honeymoon, but trust they will be shared! :)

Right, off to carry on putting clothes in suitcases. We have 2 suitcases for Liam and I in Barcelona, 1 suitcase for the kids for the week, 1 suitcase for Liam to check into the hotel we're staying in Saturday night, and a bag for daughter and I to take to my Mum's tomorrow night. Haha, lots of packing!!

I'll try to check in again before the ceremony (4pm on Saturday, not long now!!) and if you're on Twitter and want updates on the life of me, feel free to follow me - I'm on there more often as I can tweet from my iPhone in between doing other things!

How have your weeks been? Please catch me up on any highlights? I've been trying to still read as many blogs as possible (again, the iPhone is great for this) but I think I'm missing some with all the chaos!


  1. Aww, not long now! How exciting. I'll be thinking of you guys on Saturday (@ 11 a.m. for me, here in NC!). Good luck, and have a fantastic time!


  2. Woo hoo how exciting! I hope it all goes well and you enjoy your big day. And of course your honeymoon- fingers crossed for lovely weather.
    And yes, love that conscious chocolate :)

  3. I bet you're excited now! All the best for Saturday!

  4. Hello there!
    Not sure if I've commented before even though I follow your blog. Anyways, love PB&Co butters. Where did you get them from??? I've only ever seen the plain smooth or plain crunchy ones. The other varieties seem to be popping up everywhere in the blog world at mo! Where from??? I need to get me some. Can you tell I'm obsessed with PB? :)

  5. How exciting! Really hope you have the best day ever tomorrow and look forward to seeing pictures!
    Your children are gorgeous too, lovely picture :-)

  6. You're married now! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you're having such a wonderful day and have an amazing honeymoon. Can't wait to see the pics, bet you look beautiful!


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