Thursday, 15 December 2011

Three Parties In One Day...

Luckily I didn't attend them all, but it gives you an idea of how busy we have been the last couple of weeks! And yes, yesterday, between the children, they attended three separate parties.

First up, was the toddler group Christmas party in the morning. We go to toddler group every week, but the party session is even more fun than usual as they hire a bouncy castle! Last year Toby was too little to go on the bouncy castle, and this year he wasn't 100% sure about it - he kept going on for a minute or so, falling over, quickly scooting off it, and then wanting to go back on! This photo was taken soon after we arrived - he did start enjoying himself a bit more after a while!

Each parent contributes some food for the party, and this year I made cookies. Lots and lots of cookies!

This x2 - I was very glad I had 3 cookie sheets to get them all cooked in 2 batches!
I use this recipe for Millie's style cookies. Normally I make them quite large and get about 25 cookies from the recipe, but this time I made them mini-sized and got 60-70 cookies! I still cooked them for the full 10 minutes so that they were crispy rather than gooey - not my preference, but easier for toddlers to eat!.I also used 100g milk and 100g white chocolate chips, rather than chunks of dark chocolate that I love - again to suit toddler palates/less mess.

I only took about 35 cookies to the toddler group party as there is always too much food as it is.

While we were playing on the bouncy castle, playing pass the parcel etc, the ladies who run toddler group set up the "lunch" in the other part of the hall. There were 4 tables this size, plus a double sized table at the end. Sensibly, they put out the savoury food this was just round #1!

Blurry photo - rush to take before everyone sat down!
Toby didn't actually eat much which surprised me. He'd been awake since 5am so I wasn't sure how well he'd last, but he did ok. He just wandered off to play with toys, leaving me to munch on cheese pizza, mini egg sandwiches, cookies and jaffa cakes in his absence!

Not surprisingly, once we left the party, the tiredness overtook him...zzzzz!

The second party of the day was in the afternoon - Isabelle's school party. I actually knew about this since Sunday - when I saw her teacher at another party - but we were only officially told about it at school pick up on Tuesday afternoon (!) I'd been planning to make a double batch of cookies to cover both parties, but luckily I hadn't already made them as on Tuesday afternoon it was requested that we bring in a food contribution, shop-bought only. Don't really understand why homemade wasn't allowed at Izzy's school when it was at the other infants school  in town (and they supposedly merged in September so officially all one school), but hey ho, luckily I had some kit-kats lurking in the cupboard!

The third and final party of the day took place 4.30pm-6pm and was for one of Izzy's classmates. I hadn't been planning to send Izzy as a) I thought she'd be too tired and b) she doesn't seem to play with this little boy much, but then I found out that he'd only originally wanted to invite 5 boys and Izzy, and had subsequently been persuaded to also invite Izzy's best friend so they could play together! So I thought I'd better send her, bless. As it was, they all played really well together and Izzy had a great time. She came home with a new flowery headband and her face painted with snowflakes!


Today, thankfully, is much quieter. It's so far consisted of a latte by the Christmas tree (my new favourite tradition if I get time before the school run!)...

A trip into town, with lots of the time spent playing in the area at the back of the toy shop...

And chocolates. I bought a box of these for my friend and they were on offer, buy 2 for £ I just "had" to get a box for myself to check they were nice enough to give to my friend, right?! ;-) These definitely get a thumbs up from me!

Only 1.5 more days to go until the Christmas holidays! I can't wait!

Who else is counting down until the holidays?? How long do you have off for Christmas? I know all the teachers, parents and children that I've spoken to are looking forward to a bit of time's been a long term! Liam has to work next Monday and Tuesday, but then he has a week off which will be lovely. His office is only closed 24th-27th but he had some holiday left to use so was able to extend his time off. It will be the first year since we've known each other that neither of us have worked Christmas Eve - I'll miss the amazing reductions/free food Waitrose used to give to the staff at the end of that shift, but I'm definitely glad we'll all be home instead!


  1. Oh I TOTALLY agree that you needed to test those chocs out before giving a box to your friend, imagine if they were not nice ;-)

  2. Those chocolates look yummy :) Good idea to test them! At our school we ask parents to bring in one item for the party, but again it is not allowed to be home-made- this is because of allergies and things (any children with allergies we ask their parents to check labels and things, they might have to sit on a separate table, stuff like that)- I wish it did not have to be that way because I would love to give the children something I had made, but not allowed! Seems silly. Health and safety gone mad! Those cookies look amazing too- I love Millies Cookies and keep meaning to try out that recipe as I am sure I saw you post it on here before.

  3. I'm totally counting the days to the holidays! I can't wait! Those chocolates look so good!

  4. I made those cookies today- I made them Christmassy with white chocolate and then cranberries. They are amazing! I took them around to Andy's parents and his brothers' girlfriend kept going "did you make these???/ They are amazing!". They really are! So thanks for the link to the recipe. :)

  5. Oh I'm so glad you all enjoyed the cookies Maria - white chocolate and cranberry sounds delicious! :)


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