Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIAW - Last Day of Treats

Hello! Happy What I Ate Wednesday! As you may have seen, Jenn isn't very well today, but she wants the party to go on, so go on it will! :-) I hope you feel better soon Jenn!

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? I did, and enjoyed lots of lovely treat foods alongside it! Enough was enough though, so today I have started focusing on eating more healthily again - I was actually missing green vegetables!

This post will be based on yesterday though - my last day of treats. I didn't actually end up eating as much as I thought I would as I've been battling a really bad cold the last few days, so after breakfast I hardly had any appetite until dinner. Not like me. What I did eat was delicious and/or treaty though! :)

For breakfast, I decided to use part of the present my little sister had given me. I was going to save them, and then decided that was a bit silly and why not just enjoy them then. So my breakfast was a pot of Lucky Charms (thanks Livs!) plus my normal latte...

Lucky Charms remind me of my childhood - when we used to go visit relatives in America. The last time I had any was when I was pregnant with Toby - my Dad had bought Olivia and I a box back each when he'd gone to the US on a business trip. An occasional treat!

There was then a long gap of feeling ill, with just a few snacks between the above and dinner. I wanted to eat up some of the best treats that I'd made (I can take or leave (sometimes!) shop-bought biscuits, but I didn't want to miss out on eating my homemade treats!) like Maria's Cranberry Coconut Spiced Nuts...

Sorry for the blurry pic - this was the best of many - I was too wobbly to take a decent photo!
and (not so homemade, I just love it!) marzipan...

There were also a few Thornton's chocolates (Thanks Sarah!) but nowhere near as much as I'd normally eat.

We then went to Waitrose to stock up on lots of fruit and veg. We also got some bargains - new potatoes and red cabbage for 10p, cherries for 39p etc - as they were reducing loads of soon-to-be out of date stuff. It was sad to see so much food that was food that was going to go to waste - Waitrose was pretty empty, and closing in an hour, and there was still 4 trolleys worth of produce that had to be sold that day! Anyway, as well as all the lovely healthy foods, we also bought dinner for last night. I had planned to cook something, but in the end I just felt too ill. Ready meal curry it was!

Curry always looks so unnattractive and, well, yellow. It tasted good though! Potatoes, cauliflower and spinach; lentil daal; pilau rice...and unpictured naan bread. This was actually better than takeaway curry in my opinion - less greasy, and cheaper too! Not as good as homemade, but a nice alternative when I'm too tired/ill to cook.

After dinner, I made up for not eating so much earlier in the day! I finished off the last of the (delicious) cream soda...

Liam gave me Christmas glasses as one of my gifts!

My Mum's homemade Christmas pudding with brandy butter...

This wasn't as good as previous years - a bit dry - probably because I asked my Mum to use vegetable suet...sorry family members!! I ate some of it and then ate the rest of the brandy butter with a warmed mince pie...

After this photo was taken, mess happened - lift up lid, insert brandy butter, re-close lid = melty, messy deliciousness!! :-D

And that, I think, was all I ate yesterday! There was probably also random picking that went undocumented - Liam keeps leaving his box of Celebrations lying around and I know that if I don't eat the Bounty and Snickers ones they will just sit there uneaten! We still have many many treat foods lying around the place, but I'm hoping that Liam will eat most of them! Izzy is only having 1 or 2 small sweet things a day (ie yesterday she had one Roses chocolate and one Christmas tree decoration) as I don't want a repeat of Christmas Day night. She's happy with that though, we bought her a magazine in Waitrose yesterday instead of sweets...not that we need any more sweets in the house even if she wasn't limiting sugar!!

Have you had enough of the Christmas treat foods yet or are you still enjoying extra treats? Did you, like us, end up having way too many chocolates/biscuits etc in your house this year? Every year it happens! We didn't even buy any chocolates ourselves this year - except one box of Roses that Toby gave Izzy - but between gifts from other people and all the baked goods I made, we ended up with way more food than we could possibly eat! We've prioritised the baked goods though - I had no problem eating all of the peanut butter truffles and spiced nuts and Liam is taking the last of the brownies into work for part of his lunch tomorrow. The boxes of chocolates can be opened slowly through the next few days weeks or so.


  1. I had a nice Christmas and hope you did too! :) Yummy eats as usual! My younger brother is a big fan of marzipan!

  2. I love marzipan too and have been known to have a slice like that- especially if it is out for cake decorating! :) Often we end up with loads of chocolates as I often get given plenty from the children at work, but this year I only had a few boxes, and a lot of sets of smellies/ candles/ cups, which is great as I can use them all. We haven't opened any as we have Christmas cake to eat! I wonder if they are stopping making the gingerbread syrup as it is not online (and the little bottles are out of stock)- maybe that is why the little pack was cheap? Hope you feel better now.

  3. PS that christmas glass is so cute :)

  4. I think for the first time we've managed to gage it just right, we didn't buy too many treat foods ourselves as we knew that we would be given some as gifts. I'm still eating treats and will be until New Years day then I'll be back on the wagon! I'm still eating lots of veggies though - like you I'm craving them to balance out the sugar!

  5. The spiced nuts look delicious! My mom made a similar recipe and I could not keep my hands out of the bowl!

  6. I need treats every day, but I am still enjoying some holidayish ones. :-)

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  8. Awesome job on this article by you. I really appreciate your work. Cheers!


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