Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday...

... to our gorgeous baby boy! (Izzy says I have to stop calling him a baby now he's 2, but they're both still my babies!!)

At his party yesterday - last day as a one year-old!

For Izzy's 5th birthday I did a post with photos from the last 5 years, and I decided to do the same for least there are only 2 years worth of photos to look back through this time!! The main things I've learnt from writing this post is a) time goes way way too quickly and b) we should really get Toby's hair cut more often...good thing he's booked in for a cut this Saturday!

So here we are, the last two years with our baby boy...

January 2010 - very proud (and slightly anxious!) Daddy :)
First family photo. I quite like the photos of me immediately after Izzy's birth...the same can definitely not be said after Toby was born!!!
Izzy was a great big sister right from the start :)
January 2010 - just a few days old 11lbs 3oz birth weight he never was a tiny baby!!
He didn't fit in that moses basket for long!
February 2010 - only just over a month old here!
March 2010 - ignore the fact that they were so close to the top of the stairs...he wasn't rolling by then luckily!!!
April 2010 - although my Mum commented at the time that he looked at least 6 months old here, not only 3!
April 2010 - probably his first trip to Crealy!
May 2010 - he went through an eating teddy stage... :)
June 2010 - Father's Day
July 2010 - two cuties :)
I can't believe how little hair he used to have!!
August 2010 - we put a stair gate up soon after this!!
September 2010 - Liam's Mum has an almost identical photo of Liam in a washing machine like this!
December 2010 - Toby munching a kiwi fruit, skin & all!
December 2010 - after coming in from the snow...
...and just out of the bath that same day.
January 2011 - this time last year - Toby's 1st birthday
February 2011 - another washing machine photo!
April 2011
Tasty smoothie!
May 2011 - this was right before his, clearly needed, first professional haircut!!!
June 2011
July 2011 - beautiful pageboy
December 2011 - Christmas Day
Big jump between summer and now...clearly not as much appeal to take photos in the dark days! And I think I posted almost as many photos for Toby's two years as I did for Izzy's five!! It was fun looking back at them though. I can't believe how much he (& Izzy too) has changed...the years go by way too fast!!

Here are the cakes as well...

Last year's chocolate teddy bear cake...

And this year's lemon drizzle cake...

plus banoffee cupcakes...

Happy Birthday Toby! I'm glad you had such a fun day yesterday, and hope you have another lovely day today :)


  1. Haha, I think there has to be an obligatory washing machine shot - kids seem to be fascinated by them, don't they? I think one of the few surviving photos of me from when I was little is very similar.

    I'm not surprised you look a bit pale and wan in the post-birth photos for Toby - 11lbs is huge! He's obviously perfect now though, so I'm sure the pain was worth it :)


  2. He looks like a big baby in that photo with Liam. I love that pic of him when he needs the haircut- very cute. And the next one down he looks like he is posing for a catalogue photo - modelling the clothes.
    Children change so quickly don't they. Have a lovely day.

  3. Wow! 11 1bs! My nephew was only a teeny 61bs when he was born. Love the washing machine pics!

  4. I literally can't get over how beautiful both of your children are - absolutely gorgeous! Wow, 11lbs is a big baby! I thought my little brother was big at 9 considering he was 7 weeks early, but 11lbs, whoah! Well done =)


  5. Happy happy birthday Toby and happy birthing day to mommy xxx

  6. Happy belated birthday Toby. Love the timeline photos and cakes x


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