Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lots of baking + new house

Hello! Good day? I spent most of my day, well morning at least, in the kitchen.

First up was a non-bake recipe. As soon as I saw Averie's post this morning I knew I had to make them asap! Peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies - in my case filled with strawberry & rhubarb jam...

This were really simple to make, and tasted pretty good...but a little too sweet, even for me. The kind of cookie that you can only manage to eat one or two at a time, although that's not necessarily a bad thing!! Izzy, however, loved them! She gobbled down at least six of them before we stopped her, and we only managed that with the promise that she could have more tomorrow!!

My Mum had invited the children and I to go round to her new house after school today, so I decided to take these with us. I also made some fudgy chocolate brownies for non-pb lovers...

These are my reliable recipe - whenever I'm making something new I make these as well so I have something delicious to fall back on. I didn't actually eat any of these today - my little sister and my Mum's partner love them so I left them the ones I took over, and the rest I saved for Liam - these are his favourite so hopefully the 12 that are left will keep him happy!!

I didn't need to eat any brownies anyway - I'm choosing not to count how many of the below I've eaten this afternoon! Averie's caramel apple bars. These came out slightly gooier than usual (I think I didn't put in enough oats) but they are just perfect when kept in the fridge...

I took a selection of each with me this afternoon...

leaving lots still at home for us! I must put the remaining caramel apple bars in the freezer before I eat them all - I've been meaning to make them again for ages to give me a frozen stash - love them!

I wanted to share a few photos of my Mum & her partner's new house as well - I'm so excited that they've all moved in! The house move isn't exactly finished yet - condensing two households into one is creating a little bit of chaos!! Luckily they both have a bit of time to finish up emptying their old houses. My other sister is going to be renting my Mum's house and is moving in on Saturday, so Mum is busy sorting everything out before then.

This is the sitting room...the children were very happy that Mum had brought along my little sister's rubber collection (my Dad used to buy them for her when he went on business trips abroad) - there are no other toys in the house yet but these kept them happy!

The house is split into four floors, and my little sister pretty much has the top floor all to herself! There is a guest room up there too, and then her big room with ensuite shower room. Very nice! Her room is probably one of the more "done" rooms at the moment - I love this picture on the wall...

She's got 3 walls painted white, and then one bright red so the picture ties in with that. She has a huge wardrobe too...

Only one of us to ever have a TV in her bedroom!!

My Mum has a wardrobe this size as well, but she has to share hers with Colin, so Olivia's seems much more spacious!!

My favourite room in the house is the kitchen, of course! It's lovely - granite work surfaces, lots of space for a big table, and leading onto a terrace with nice views. I keep telling Liam that I wish to have a kitchen like this one day!! ;-)

Excuse the mess, haha, my children seems to = lots of chaos!!
We didn't stay at Mum's too long this time as the children were a bit over-excited and hyper...to say the least!! Plus we wanted to walk home before it got dark. Next time I'll come over on my own and enjoy the peace, hey Mum?! ;-)

When we did get home, I wanted a quick, and healthy, dinner. This was actually the first meal I ate today...unless you count one latte and lots of sampling of the baked goods...whoops. The others had poached eggs with toast, and I had poached eggs with asparagus, yum.

And then another caramel apple bar, haha, so addictive!!

What are your favourite type of baked good/sweet treat? Chocolate, fruit, no-bake?? I like fruity desserts but Liam doesn't, so the caramel apple bars are perfect for me as they store in the freezer really well. They are still quite sweet as well. I didn't put the extra caramel topping on this time, and only half the amount of white chocolate, and yet Mum and Colin still found them too sweet! Averie's dessert recipes are always the first place I look when I want something indulgent with lots of sugar!! :)


  1. Wow you wasted no time making those PB & J thumbprints and I appreciate that and that you blogged about them. They look awewsome!

    So do your brownies and am commenting on that post,too.

  2. Haha, yes, as soon as I saw your recipe I knew it was one for me! ;) I love how quick your recipes usually are - it makes spontaneous (non) baking much more likely to happen! :)

  3. I am the same- I love fruity desserts but we normally share (if we go out to eat and have one) and Andy does not like fruit (well, he sometimes does not mind it and is getting better!) so I hardly have them. Saying that, he loved those caramel apple bars when I made them too- they are amazing though :)

  4. I wish I could say that Liam was getting better! He's improved loads with the savoury foods he will eat but he's still very "set" on sweet combos not mixing - he won't eat fruit & chocolate, nuts & chocolate, fruit & sweet things etc - even if he likes the things seperately he won't eat them together...very annoying, but I suppose it means more for me! ;)


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