Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WIAW - Lots of Fruit & Veg!

Hello! Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone! Thanks to Jenn for organising yet another great party :-)

I decided to base this week's post on Saturday for a change. I usually show you a weekday, and whilst I don't go to work or anything, my weekends do look slightly different - if this week's anything to go on, there were actually less snacks on Saturday - having Liam at home must've stopped my constant kitchen trips!!

On Saturday, we took the children swimming in the morning. I was in a bit of a rush beforehand, and didn't want to eat anything too heavy, so just had a banana with peanut butter and granola. Simple, but delicious.

Oh and an unpictured latte. I always try to start my day with a latte. (Until my microwave broke yesterday anyway - this morning I had to make do with a regular coffee, sad times.)

Swimming went really well. Izzy adores being in the water, such fun to be around! Liam & I took it in turns to play/swim with her and distract Toby - he's not such a fan but lasted 30 minutes (which is a record for him) and was ok so long as we let him sit on the side playing with toys rather than actually being in the water! I always get cold sitting on the side but he seemed fine, yet as soon as we put him in the water his teeth started chattering. Odd.

On the way back from swimming we popped into Co-Op and I picked up some reduced fruit...

The others ate tuna quesadillas for lunch and I was too hungry to think of something so I tucked into this straight away!

Mmm, I love fresh fruit, such a treat.

I rounded out the meal with half an avocado and some goats cheese...

Healthy fats & protein that just happen to be delicious! ;-)

After lunch the children both went for a nap and Liam and I got to sit down & relax. Mid-afternoon snack of a mocha...

...and some of the "Nutty Nibbles" I gave Liam for Christmas.

These were so good. Honey roast peanuts, little fudge cubes, and chocolate covered honeycomb. Liam could only eat it if he separated all the different things - together they reminded him of a Snickers bar (not good in his mind - yep, he's an odd one!!) but I thought they were delicious as they were. Perfect for my sweet tooth!

Liam actually cooked dinner on Saturday which was nice. I always cook during the week as Liam doesn't get home until 6.30pm so I make sure dinner is ready as he walks in the door else the children get too hungry. Liam quite often cooks brunch type meals at weekends (pancakes and poached eggs are his specialities!) but it's quite a rare treat for me to allow him to cook the evening meal!

Roasted potatoes and parsnips, broccoli and houmous. The others had sausages instead of the houmous. Loved this - sometimes a big plate of veg is just what I fancy! We normally roast parsnips in a honey/brown sugar combo, but it was quite nice to have them just cooked in oil this time - it let the flavour of the parsnips shine through more and wasn't so heavy.

I was surprised that there was no photo of an evening snack from this day so I just went back and checked. It seems that my hunger was kept at bay with a glass of raspberry cream soda. I rarely remember to take photos of my drinks so that's all I've got for you.

I was quite impressed with the amount of fruit and veg when I looked back at the photos, hence the title. Sadly today (Wednesday) has not been very veg-orientated (instead focusing on too much bread *ahem* pb on toast, fried egg sandwich, curry with bread(!!)) so this is a good reminder to get lots more fresh produce into my eats tomorrow!

How much fruit & veg do you consume in an average day? Do any of your meals have a tendency to be particularly full or empty of fruit & veg? I usually manage to get some kind of fruit into my breakfast - either with porridge, smoothies or the above fruit on a plate. Dinner always has at least one portion of vegetables in it so it is lunch that I really need to work on. Too much reliance on sandwiches or things on toast...maybe I need to switch my focus to salads and soups instead!


  1. I think I have fruit and veg at every meal and probably eat in excess of 10 portions a day, I just can't get enough! I guess I just like making my meals veg centred and then I go from there. Those nutty nibbles sound lovely!

  2. I probably eat too much fruit and veg a day. I don't really count really, but most of my meals are veggie based.

  3. Those nutty nibbles look yummy- a bit like some of the things you get from graze. I mostly eat enough fruit and veg, on an average day I would have fruit at breakfast and lunch/snack, maybe a veg with lunch (although I have a mental block and only like salad veg at lunch like peppers, carrots, cucumber, celery), and get most of my veg at dinner when I mix it in with other things (eg in a chilli or something). Some days I have not had enough but I don't worry because I know most days I have more than I need :)

  4. I'm studying in London for the time, so I'm so glad I found a UK blog. And while it's weird that your husband has to separate the things out, I bet it makes each one last longer, which I'm always a fan of.

  5. Goat cheese make pretty much anything a million times better, I swear!


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