Monday, 23 January 2012

The last 5 days...

Hello! How are you all? I've been a bit absent from blog land the last few days haven't I?! It's weird, once I was out of the habit of blogging, it's been really difficult to get back into it. I want to get back to normal though so I'm just going to post some random highlights from the last 5 days so that I can start afresh after this post! :)

My laptop has also decided to mess up the contrast settings whilst I've left it untouched the last few days. Liam has tried to fix it but I don't really trust what I'm seeing on screen anymore, so please let me know if the colours are all messed up on my photos.

Lunch today was a Food Dr pitta with egg mayo and lettuce...

I tried to layer this nicely - lettuce, egg, lettuce, egg etc - but it all fell out as soon as I put it on the plate! There were 2 eggs' worth of filling hidden in there though.

Other lunches have been big snack plates to share with Toby - I've been trying to get more veg into both our diets:

This one had cucumber, mushrooms, basil tofu, carrot and caramelised onion houmous. The carrot sticks with houmous was definitely our favourite, but it was all really good! It's not that I don't enjoy vegetables, I just need to make the "effort" to chop up some veg rather than just grabbing the chocolate or cake!

I've been trying to reach for fruit when I want a snack - lots and lots of blueberries (we've got through 3 of these little punnets in the last few days!):

Apple slices with peanut butter - I love this, why don't I have it more often?!

And a mango lassi today from Lidl - this was really tasty, they do other flavours that I want to try too - pineapple & coconut, and something with green tea I think.

Breakfasts have included amazing banana bread pancakes:

The recipe said to blend the mixture before cooking - which would probably have produced better looking pancakes - but they still tasted great. Think I'll be adding cottage cheese to pancakes more often!

Apple yoghurt bowl - spiced apple yoghurt, cinnamon & apple granola and apple butter - delish!

There have also been big bowls of porridge (with blueberries and peanut butter) and smoothies (banana, frozen blueberries, peanut flour sauce etc) but these seem to have escaped the camera.

Finally on the food front - sweet treats. I tried the fro yo that I bought from Waitrose! Pomegranate frozen yoghurt with blueberries and granola. Apologies for the appalling lighting on this one - the fro yo is actually a really pretty pink!!

This was delicious, but I'm not sure the pomegranate flavour added a lot except for the colour. Next time I will just get the plain variety I think.

I also made a batch of chocolate chip banana bread this week. This is amazing, definitely one to make again!

After eating a couple of slices, I sliced the rest up to put in the freezer for Liam to take to work...and then ate the little end slice spread with peanut butter, mmm!! :)

Right that's all the food photos that I think are worth sharing. No dinner photos - partly because I've been too tired to take any by the time dinner rolls round, and partly because the ones I have taken could do with some editing to get rid of bad lighting, but I don't trust the colours on my screen so...

Some random photos instead! A microwave...

Not just any microwave, a new (to us) microwave. Ours broke on Tuesday for no reason. It was fine in the morning for my latte, but wasn't heating anything by the time it came to heat Toby's milk in the evening. Luckily on Friday my Mum's partner gave us his. They've moved in together today (exciting!) so they had duplicates of some things. He said he's used this no more than a dozen times in the whole time he's had it, whereas we use it at least 3 times a day!! I realised quite how much we used a microwave when we were without, so bit of a random photo but important to me!

30 Day Shred DVD...

Only 20 minutes, but they've been nearly killing me!! I've had this DVD for ages, and went through a phase of doing it quite regularly but then stopped again...back on track now though. I like that it doesn't take too long to do - I can fit in exercise and a "reward" of a nice hot bath after while Toby has his morning nap, and then don't need to feel guilty for not having the energy to go to the gym in the evening. ;)

Whew, if you're still reading...well done! Just a couple of photos of the children to share and then I really am done!!

There we go - all caught up. I don't know about you, but I feel better now - I can look forward to writing a blog post tomorrow without having loads of photos that I "need" to post first.

I've given you my highlights, now I want to hear yours. What is the best thing you've done or eaten over the last 5 days?


  1. The lighting in your photos look fab to me, and I can see that the frozen yog is a nice pale pink colour. All my photos are with the flash at the moment so they look like I live in a cave or something! I had a delicious dinner yesterday (no photo either- I couldn't be bothered!)- ciabatta, with a little balsamic drizzled on, topped with rocket and then caramelised onion hummus on top of that. Delish.

  2. Your banana chocolat bread looks so beautiful and moist. I'm missing nut butter and corn thins right now, new diet means these things are a no-no for me :-(

  3. Thanks Maria :) I try to avoid taking food photos with flash - I think I read somewhere that you shouldn't and it stuck! - but then I end up hating all the photos I take once the sun goes down, so you can't win really. Bring on summer! Mmm, that dinner sounds great, I love things like that which are quite simple but really flavourful :)

    Lara - thanks, it was lovely :) well, I say was - there are couple of slices left in the freezer "for Liam" that keep calling to me!! ;) oh no, that new diet sounds rubbish :( I'm impressed by your willpower though, I'm hopeless at sticking to anything so am not losing any weight! :(


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