Monday, 16 January 2012

The lure of the bakery... me this morning. Let's call this breakfast shall we?!

An apple doughnut. My favourite. I can't the remember the last time I had one of these and this was perfect, slightly crispy on the outside, soft apple on the inside, and sweet icing on top!

After dropping Izzy at school, Toby and I went to Lidl to pick up a few things (veg, soy sauce & dates - I managed to resist even looking at any aisles that weren't on the list!) and Toby discovered how to slide out of his pushchair by flattening himself and slipping under the tray!! I wouldn't mind him walking if he actually walked in a straight line, but he spends the whole time trying to wriggle out of my hand to run after random dogs and/or babies!

So a bribery from the bakery it was...

I was happy that we made it all the way home with him sitting down in his pushchair, and Toby was happy that, as usual, he had got his own way (well, kind of, I think cake beats walking in Toby-land!)

The last time I had to resort to a bakery bribe was actually last Monday (although I didn't buy anything for myself that time) - I guess Toby must suffer from "Monday morning" syndrome like the rest of us!!

Oh, and the reason for needing to buy dates? I'm back on the fudge baby train! I've actually been eating them again for a while, but I had a couple of tubs in the freezer to work my way through before needing to make any new ones. It was time to replenish my supplies last night though...

I actually found myself standing in the kitchen at about 7pm on Sunday night, talking out loud to myself, slowly, through clenched teeth - "" - haha, not something I thought I'd ever need to say! Liam feels justified in his hiding though - apparently he put it away in a cupboard about 2 weeks ago and I've only just noticed...but I've informed him that now I'm back into fudge babies it needs to remain out on the counter for easy access!! ;-)

Have you tried fudge babies/raw dough balls before? What is your favourite flavour? The above are chocolate chip cookie dough, but I think my favourite that I've made so far were chocolate macaroon babies - they don't seem to be on Katie's flavour list any more but they were just dates, coconut butter and cocoa powder, delicious and so fudgy once frozen! I love having these little bite-sized treats in the freezer. I can pretend that way that it slows the eating process down slightly (out of sight, kind of out of mind!) and it makes the babies even richer than at room temperature :-)


  1. I love making raw balls and bars. Im not sure what my favorite flavor is, but the one you mentioned with coconut butter sounds fantastic! I might have to splurge and get some coconut butter. :-)

  2. You are making me think I should make some- I made some mint chocolate ones before- dates, cashews, cocoa and mint extract, and they were lovely. I like the sound of chocolate coconut ones too.

  3. I love fudge babies! My fave are probably the ones I made for New Year, chocolate orange flavour!

  4. I love making, what I call "date truffles", but have to admit that getting the food processor out every time is what deters me most often. I'm going to have to steal Maria's idea (comment above)and make chocolate mint ones, a although chocolate coconut is my absolute favorite.

  5. Fudge babies are so good and really easy to make!

  6. I used to read Katie's blog, but then kind of lost touch. Thanks for re-introducing it to me! There are so many yummy-looking recipes on that site!

  7. Mmm, all the suggestions sound great, thanks! Chocolate mint & chocolate orange sound delicious - I'll have to make them soon :)


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