Thursday, 26 January 2012

Foods thats make you feel better...

Hello! I'm glad to see that Blogger is working for me again today - I went to write my WIAW post last night, but Blogger wasn't letting me upload any photos - when I went to the upload option, the usual browse button to let me find the photo I wanted to upload wasn't there. Very annoying, especially as I'd made the effort to take photos of everything I ate yesterday! Has that issue happened to anyone else before?

It seems to be working fine today though, weird, so I will get on and write this post!

Izzy was off school today. She came home yesterday looking terrible - she always goes a funny yellow colour when she's tired & she looked really drained. We decided to wait and see how she was this morning, so when she came in this morning saying "Mummy, I don't feel very well. I don't think I can go to school" I decided to keep her home. To be honest, I'm not convinced that she's got any majorly serious illness, but she's exhausted. She loves school and is normally desperate to go in, so I figured if she wanted to stay off then there must be something not quite right, and the day at home seems to have done her good.

We started our day with smoothies as Izzy thought that would soothe her throat (her "illness" seems to be an all encompassing throat/stomach/head ache!), and it was nice to have time to make one on a weekday anyway.

This was a banana, lots of frozen berries and milk, plus some peanut flour. Last time we had smoothies we had peanut flour sauce, but Izzy didn't want any today so I snuck the peanut flour in there for some protein. Topped with blueberries, granola and some peanut butter for me.

The morning was spent doing not a lot. Toby was so glad to have Izzy home so they spent lots of time rolling about on the floor together, and then Izzy went to play in her room for a bit as the noise down here was giving her a headache (!) My Grandma popped in for a coffee too which was nice.

Izzy remembered her "face plate" that she had for lunch last time she was off school, and asked me to make something similar today. Will this do?

She wasn't impressed that there was no hair this time, but liked having the leftover peanut butter & jelly thumbprints for eyeballs!! I made Toby a similar plate, but with only one cookie as there were only 3 left. The sandwiches had already been made up the night before (Liam or I make them in the evening at the same time as making some for him) - cheese, lettuce & mushrooms (Liam's idea for a combination, but surprisingly nice!!)

Izzy in fancy dress, Toby in PJs...that's how we roll!!
After lunch, both the children went for a nap - bliss - and I got to enjoy my lunch in peace. I wasn't sure what to have, but in the end went for a Food Doctor pitta with the rest of the roasted red pepper houmous, a sliced apple and some frozen grapes I found hiding in the freezer. We're running a bit low on veg but fruit pleases my sweet tooth more anyway! :)

Loved this. I hadn't had frozen grapes in ages so I don't know how long they'd been in the freezer for, but they were still sweet and delicious.

Izzy didn't nap for as long as I'd have liked. I'd made the mistake of promising her that we could go out in the garden if she woke before Toby, so I think she was determined to make that happen! Weirdly, considering my lunch, she came down asking for frozen grapes...luckily I'd spotted another pot of them in the freezer!

It was a lovely day today, but still cold - Izzy ran back inside for a jumper as soon as she'd finished the frozen grapes, and then set up a little "work station":

and drew me a picture (of a teddy in the snow!!!), aww...

The rest of the afternoon went by in a bit of a blur. Once Toby woke up we all ate toast with pear jam, and then the children slumped in front of the TV while I made dinner. Something simple was called for aka pasta:

Pasta with chopped veggie burgers and soya beans. I'd planned to tip a tub of passata in there too but we were all out, so I just used some Philadelphia and tomato puree + lots of cheese on top! This was ok, but a bit lacking in flavour - passata + smoked paprika/garlic powder would've been better.

What are your "get well" foods that you like to eat when you're feeling a bit under the weather? Izzy always asks for cold things - like the smoothie and frozen grapes. I do love both of those, but when I'm feeling ill I generally prefer hot foods - soups or hot water with honey & lemon. I suppose it depends on what type of illness you have. I always seem to feel shivery when ill. We both seem to agree that smooth liquids are the way to go though! When I was little my Mum would always give me tinned tomato soup and/or soft boiled eggs with toast "soldiers" when I was off school, good memories & always better when someone else makes them for you! :)


  1. Aw hope Izzy feels better now- I think little children just get exhausted with school- so much is packed in there and so I think they come down with little things like that when they are over tired. If I am ill I like nice warm things usually- tomato soup (heinz), warm tea or water with honey and lemon, - plus if I have a bad throat or something I go off chocolate! Imagine it! :)

  2. Yeah she's much better & back at school thanks :) Like you say, shee was just mainly so tired I think, but I made sure to have quite a boring day yesterday (& then met my friend in Costa this morning to make up for it!!) so that she was keen to get back to school asap! ;)

    Yes, Heinz tomato soup and hot water with honey & lemon is the way to go! :)


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