Friday, 24 February 2012

All Things Chocolate

I'm not really that much of a chocolate person. I would never choose a chocolate dessert in a restaurant, or chocolate ice cream...there is usually a flavour that sounds more interesting to me than chocolate.

The last few days, however, I can't get enough of it.

Chocolate granola...

Lizi's chocolate granola, coconut yoghurt and raspberries

Chocolate porridge...

Well, grey-looking blueberry porridge in an almost-empty Nutella jar!

Chocolate milk...

With a few drops of peppermint extract...I'm loving chocolate-mint at the moment.

And chocolate mud pie...

Oh yes. Believe it or not, I don't think I'd ever actually had Mississippi Mud Pie before. I remember many years ago I used to have a Mississippi Mud Pie flavoured lipbalm (from Body Shop I think?) but I'd never actually tasted the real thing.

3 different layers of chocolate is really hard to photograph!

Well, today I changed that. This recipe was super easy to make, and the result was fantastic.

When I first peeled the parchment away, I was a bit concerned as the edges looked a lot drier than I'd expect from a mud pie. But not to worry, that was just the biscuit crust. The inside was deliciously gooey. If I'm going to eat chocolate desserts, they have to be fudgy. Dry chocolate cake = a big no no!

Have you ever had Mississippi Mud Pie before? What are your favourite chocolatey desserts, or ways to eat chocolate? As I've said, I would never order a chocolate dessert in a restaurant (I can always try Liam's anyway as that's all he orders!) but I do like homemade gooey chocolate desserts such as brownies or chocolate frosted traybake. I can add Mississippi Mud Pie to that list now! I'd still normally choose to have a non-chocolate dessert though. Or a few squares of good quality dark chocolate. That normally satisfies any chocolate cravings!


  1. I remember that lip balm! I'm not sure that I've tried the real thing though.
    I'm the same with chocolate - I'm not a huge fan of chocolate flavoured things or even chocolate bars, but I do like eating blocks of chocolate.

    1. So weird that so many of us had the lip balm! :)

  2. I had that lip balm too! I think I may have eaten a tiny bit of it just to see what it was like at one point (I'm talking a teeny tiny bit, not a tablespoon or something!) It was all the rage at school :)

    You crazy lady for not liking chocolate. I will ALWAYS choose chocolate over anything else, particularly the uber-dark kind. I love chocolate soy milk, chocolate nut butter, hot cocoa...but recently I've been experimenting with chocolate 'protein cakes' that I'll hopefully post about at some point. I'm addicted to them!


    1. Yes, I remember licking my lips lots when I was wearing it!

      See, now you've said that...I do love chocolate soy milk, nut butter and cocoa...maybe I *am* a chocolate lover, but love other things even more?? I basically just love all food!

      Oh cool, I look forward to reading your post! :)

  3. That looks amazing! I totally agree- dry chocolate cake is a no-no and why I would normally choose a non-chocolate dessert just in case (when I was out). I thought mud pie was chocolate and coffee for some reason, but I just looked at the recipe and it does not. I wonder if I was muddling mocha and mud pie? Weird!

    1. Yes, I always worry when out that chocolate things will be dry. And even when I'm baking, I tend to find that chocolate cake comes out a lot drier than regular sponge. With the exception being for things that are meant to be gooey, which I then love! :)

      Hmm, I don't know about the coffee thing. The mud pie lip balm was definitely just chocolate though.

    2. I get things muddled with the same first letter so I bet it was confusion over mocha!

  4. On no, I've opened the recipe link ..... I'm a goner I'm not going to make my 4 week no sugar challenge!!! Not had mud pie before but it looks amazing.

    1. Haha, not helpful but...I just had a 2nd slice of the mud pie and it's even more amazing when it's fully chilled. The recipe said to chill it for 20 minutes but I had my 1st slice after about 40 minutes and even then the fudge topping was a bit runny. Now it is absolutely perfect...divine!

      Good luck on your no sugar challenge though!! ;-)

  5. So much chocolate heaven! That chocolate cake looks divine!


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