Thursday, 9 February 2012

No Bread In Sight!

After writing last night's post I gave myself a kick up the bum and decided that today would be a better/more veg-full day! I do know how to incorporate more veggies into my diet, it's just finding the motivation to actually do it that I struggle with. But that's silly. I need to eat more fruit and veg so that I feel less tired and have more energy to play with Izzy and Toby <--- good motivation right there :-)

I had an earlier than usual start this morning (thanks Toby!) so had time to make porridge for me and the children. I would normally add frozen berries to porridge but Izzy doesn't like them so this was just cooked with sliced banana and then topped with dessicated coconut, brazil nuts and maple syrup. I need to go food shopping soon so we were a bit lacking in fresh fruit toppings, but this was still a much better breakfast than I've been having recently...

After I'd done the school run, I decided to make a pot of coffee...I needed the caffeine as Toby had been awake at 1.30am and then awake again chatting to himself since 5.30am! My coffee machine wasn't playing fair though - for some reason it suddenly started producing coffee at triple speed and quantity which made for a hot bubbling mess?! Luckily the pot still managed to "catch" enough for three coffee cups...this mug makes everything seem better too - coffee love :-)

I started getting hungry again just before 12, so rather than have a super early lunch and then keep eating throughout the afternoon, I cut open this grapefruit that I've been meaning to eat for ages. I love grapefruits but am too-often guilty of buying them and then not getting round to eating more!

I ended up eating the other half as well. These weren't quite as sweet as I remember red grapefruits being, but I still managed to enjoy them without sugar, yum!

An hour or so later I made lunch. This may look slightly unappealing (the water from the mushrooms made the eggs go a slightly grey colour!) but it tasted fantastic. I stir fried one chopped pepper and a few chopped mushrooms, and then scrambled in 3 eggs (I was hungry!). Finally I stirred in some super ripe, super stinky brie just before eating...

I quite often make scrambled eggs as a "comfort food" but I usually just quickly cook them in the microwave and eat them with toast. This was much more flavourful and filling...a new regular lunch I think! :-)

My worst time for mindlessly eating is 4pm-6.30pm - when we get home from school until Liam comes home and we can eat dinner. Instead of just grabbing the first thing I could reach, this afternoon I made myself a little snack plate and kept it in the kitchen so that I could keep going back to pick at it. Like I said, I need to go shopping so this wasn't as colourful as I'd like, but it was still tasty. Dried 'Urban Fruit' strawberries, more brazil nuts, a Fudge bar (chopped up to last longer!) and the last 2 fresh cherries:

This lasted me until about 5.45pm and then I managed to resist eating anything else until dinner. Big improvement for me! I need to get some decent dark chocolate in though - a few squares of Lindt sea salt would have been much more satisfying! :-)

Dinner was served the second Liam walked in the was quite nice to actually be hungry for dinner for once. Quinoa with roasted peppers, basil tofu and a little grated cheddar stirred in to make a melty sauce.

For some reason whenever I cook quinoa I either cook too much or not enough. Today was a not enough day but I did eat Toby's (cold) leftovers as well as this.

I was still a bit hungry so after I put Izzy to bed I made Jemma's Choco, PB and Nana Pudding. This is currently chilling in the fridge...looking forward to eating it soon! :-)

Here's to another good day tomorrow! I always used to meal plan, my dinners at least, a week or two in advance but I've got a bit slack at that lately. I've re-started jotting down the following day's meals on my phone each evening though. I may not stick to it, but at least it gives me something to fall back on if I find myself staring blankly into the kitchen cupboards!

Do you plan your meals in advance or just decide what you fancy on the day? If you don't meal plan, how often do you go food shopping? I always find that if I don't food plan, I end up running out of fruit & veg towards the end of the week...either that or popping into Lidl each morning for food to cook that day. When I meal plan I can usually have a better idea of what I need to buy - I do still pop to the shops for milk etc 1-2 times a week, but the fewer supermarket trips the better at the moment. Toby has taken to climbing out of his pushchair at every opportunity and running around the aisles which doesn't make for an enjoyable shopping experience!!


  1. The pic of that grapefruit actually made my mouth water- I love grapefruit but I do not think I have ever bought one for myself- randomly I only have them on holidays! I plan our meals (well, we do- and it is easy because we tend to have the same thing on Mondays each week etc). When we first moved in together we just used to wander around the supermarket and aimlessly put stuff in the trolley, and end up with no actual meals, so we always needed a top up shop, and loads of stuff just taking up space that we never ate! Andy tends to do a small shop in the week for bananas (we both hate them once they get spots on) and the odd thing. The thing at the moment is my lunches- when I am at work I would plan them, but being at home means all the tempting things are here, plus I have been buying stuff that I fancy, and then it just goes in the freezer or I forget it! Whoops!

    1. Haha, thanks Maria :) I went out and bought another grapefruit yesterday...must make sure not to leave it so long before eating it this time!

      I think I need to start meal planning with the aim of using up all the stuff we already have. We have a huge larder/cupboard which is absolutely stuffed full of carbs/tins etc...we could probably last a good few weeks if not more just buying fresh produce so it seems silly not to use at least some of it up!

  2. I'm a univrsity student on a budget so meal planning definitely helps me. I plan our meals for the week and then go shopping on Sunday. Any money left over from the week before can then be used on treat items. I am also trying to use ingredients that I already have in the pantry for meals rather than keep on buying new ones and having no cupboard space!

    1. I like the idea of using leftover money on treat items...good way of thinking!! ;-)

      I definitely need to start using up the pantry ingredients I already have...we have too much cupboard space which can be a bad thing - means I constantly buy new ingredients and only use them once or twice!

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