Friday, 17 February 2012

It's A Crealy Day...

Today's half term destination was Crealy. We have annual membership so we tend to go most school holidays - the children love it and, so long as we take a packed lunch and avoid the gift shop, it's a "free" day out.

I was in a bit of a rush to get ready this morning so I felt like I didn't have time to make porridge etc for breakfast. What I did eat probably took just as long to prepare anyway, but it was delicious so I'm glad I came up with it! A "banana split" with cinnamon peanut flour sauce, dried cherries and chocolate chips:

The peanut flour sauce worked really well as I could make it a slightly thinner consistency to spread easily (well, completely fill the gap between the banana halves really - I made lots!). I always find that peanut butter clumps if I try to spread it on cut banana. This was definitely dessert-for-breakfast...eaten with a spoon, this made my sweet tooth very happy! :)

Mum dropped Izzy back from her sleepover and we set off. Toby was a bit tired and grumpy, and Izzy hadn't gone to bed until 10.30pm at Mum's house (!) so we only stayed for a few hours - they are both having afternoon naps as I write this - but we had fun while we were there!

Free moving horse ride...

Balancing fun...

Ignore how washed out I look please!!!

And many other things that went unphotographed because the camera battery died we were too busy having fun!!

After a bit of outdoor play we went inside to the more Toby-friendly soft play areas and to have lunch. I had my new favourite wrap/sandwich filling - Philadelphia, thinly sliced basil tofu and cucumber. Plus pineapple juice, a clementine and a Nakd bar.

Random eating shots...

We must have got to the indoor part just early enough to get a table. By the time we'd finished eating there were adults standing around waiting to grab a table as soon as someone started packing up!

We went back outside after lunch anyway, but didn't last much longer. Liam took Izzy on a couple of the bigger rides while I took Toby for a walk to look at some animals, and then we called it a day and headed home. I like that we have membership so we don't feel that we have to stay the whole day to get our money's worth - if we'd done that today that would've lead to very tired grumpy children and stressed out parents!! ;-)

This post feels short as I haven't eaten as much food yet - I think I'll have an afternoon snack in a minute and then I'll have a late dinner when I get home from the gym. I'm posting now though as I'm sure I'll be too exhausted later...I'll let you know how Body Pump went tomorrow...wish me luck!! :-D

Do you eat many sandwiches? What are your favourite fillings? When I first stopped eating meat, I got into a bit of a rut with my sandwiches - always cheddar and cucumber, egg mayonnaise, or brie & grapes if I was feeling adventurous! I've been starting to enjoy sandwiches/bagels/wraps/pittas again recently though - grated carrot and houmous, basil tofu with cream cheese and cucumber, roasted veg and houmous... - they might take a bit longer to prepare, but the taste is definitely worth it. And I'll always love a fried egg, cheese & ketchup sandwich if I'm at home to make it...delish! :-)


  1. Your tofu/cucumber combo sounds lovely. I love hummus with grated carrot- probably my fave sandwich filling. Or good old peanut butter with either apple or banana.
    Glad you had a fun day- you are right a whole day at those places can be a bit much for little children.

    1. Oooh yes, I do like sweet sandwich fillings too. I haven't had a pb&j sandwich in ages actually! I tend to stick to savoury fillings for meals, and have sweet fillings in bagels so that they feel more like a "treat"! :)

  2. I need to make more exciting sandwiches, lately it's just been houmus mixed with wasabi paste, lol.

    This post bought back happy memories of going to Crealy with my cousins on family days out!


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