Thursday, 16 February 2012

Berry Good Snack Plate

Oh dear, lacking in title inspiration tonight!! Does that happen to anyone else? I sometimes spend so long trying to think up a title that I lose enthusiasm to actually write a post! So today I just decided to get on and write instead (leaving the above cheesy title behind, sorry!)

Liam was off work today so we went to "big" Tesco shop this morning. I had planned to take photos of any interesting foods I bought, but sadly there weren't many. Liam took the children to the cafe for cake while I did the shopping, but I hadn't even finished getting all the basics that were on the list before they reappeared with a grumpy Toby in tow, so I didn't get time to browse the aisles for "fun" things. I did stock up on Urban Fresh dried fruit though - they were on 2 for £3 so I got one pack of each - strawberries, cherries, mango and pineapple. Yum.

Let's start at the beginning though. I fancied something savoury for breakfast for a change. We had wraps to use, so I decided to make a breakfast burrito. I cracked some eggs ready to scramble...and then discovered that I didn't have any veggies to add in. For some reason scrambled eggs on their own in a wrap didn't appeal at all, so I stuck with scrambled eggs on toast. A bit boring maybe, but really tasty.

2 eggs, cheese and a ketchup drizzle. This kept me full for ages which is necessary when you're spending the morning grocery shopping.

Once we got back home, I used up one of the wraps for lunch. We normally only eat wraps cooked - quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas - but this was a really nice alternative to a sandwich. I spread the wrap with Philadelphia and then filled it with thinly sliced basil tofu and cucumber.

Liam had two wraps filled with ham, cheese and mayonnaise. No cucumber as apparently cucumber doesn't go in wraps??! Even he admitted that his were a bit boring and could have done with some "crunch"!

My wrap was really tasty, but I didn't feel particularly satisfied afterwards so I made myself a little fruit plate - a clementine, a few strawberries and some coconut yoghurt:

The yoghurt was really good. It was only £1 for a 450g tub and tasted almost as good as Rachel's coconut yoghurt.

We ate lunch pretty late so I didn't have my usual afternoon snack plate - I decided to keep it for an after dinner treat instead. I ended up getting really hungry though as we didn't eat dinner until really late (for us). Izzy is staying at my Mum's tonight, and Toby was really tired so we fed him on his own and put him to bed early. Liam and I then discovered that, despite going to Tesco today, we didn't have anything we felt like eating for dinner! He decided to go to Waitrose so I asked him to get me some fresh pasta and some salad, which he did, but he also came back with pizza. I ended up saving my pasta for another day and sharing the pizza with Liam. Normally we get two pizzas between the four of us and I eat 5-6 slices (pizza cut into 8) so, whilst pizza isn't ideal "health" food, eating only 3 slices is pretty "good" for me! With lots of salad - I ate the pizza first with just some of the salad, and then added more salad and a blob of houmous to the plate. That counts as healthy right?!! ;-)

And then the "berry good" snack plate for dessert - one divine chocolate cherry, Green & Blacks cherry chocolate, Urban Fresh dried cherries and...strawberries. If only we'd had fresh cherries to properly fulfil the theme!! ;-)

This was the perfect end to my food day. I'm not counting calories or anything at the moment, but I definitely feel more in control of my eating. Baby steps right?! Liam had a huge slice of cookie Oreo brownie while I was eating this plate, but I didn't feel at all envious - my food was just as, if not more, delicious! :-)

Do you tend to have a pattern with your eating? Whether intentional or not, do you find yourself eating at roughly the same times each day? I still have to very deliberately think about when I eat - otherwise I'd just spend every minute of every day munching! I'm fed up of having to take so much care over what I eat, so at the moment I'm just focusing on trying to only eat three meals and then one snack - usually either in the afternoon or evening. I "cheated" a little bit with the fruit plate after the wrap, but I decided that was still part of lunch! ;-) My eating has definitely been "better" recently though - I had no problems choosing to shop in peace rather than have cake in Tesco cafe, and I'm more than happy with my fruit and chocolate evening treat instead of huge slices of cake that still leave me hungry. Not perfect, and I'm still not exactly losing weight at the moment, but at least I'm not gaining any either right?!

Ok, time to hit publish and shut down the computer. I have a busy day tomorrow with a trip to Crealy and then Body Pump in the evening. I'm really looking forward to it! & thanks for all your comments/tips on the previous post! :-)


  1. Have fun at body pump tomorrow :)
    I generally eat at the same time, and have been really trying to make myself eat fruit for a snack before I reach for the chocolate. When I am at work I can't snack all day, but now I am at home it is quite hard. I have been having breakfast a little later (and making it last longer with mint tea), lunch, an afternoon snack, then dinner and dessert. So still quite a lot! :)

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