Monday, 13 February 2012

Snack Plates + Exciting Exercise

I have been loving snack plates recently. They seem to be keeping my afternoon munchies under control. Whilst I am obviously still snacking, at least I'm deciding in advance what to eat rather than just eating anything and everything in sight! I had one on Thursday but mentioned it could have done with some nice chocolate, so on Friday I stocked up!

The Galaxy cookie crumble was for Liam to keep him sweet, the rest for me! :-D

I've only opened the mint and the sea salt so far but they have been featuring in my snack plates quite a lot. I'm impressed with myself though - I've managed to stick to eating two squares at a time (admittedly sometimes more than once a day) which is a huge improvement for me. I always worry when buying chocolate that I'll eat it all immediately!

A couple of snack plates that I've managed to capture on camera...

Lindt mint chocolate, brazil nuts, dried strawberries and blueberries.
Lindt sea salt, apple and a sauce made up of peanut flour, cinnamon, agave & milk.

I loved the peanut sauce with today's plate. I keep seeing Courtney eating honey cinnamon peanut butter and this was pretty much the same thing. So tasty and, as I have a big bag of peanut flour in the cupboard anyway, it's much cheaper than buying lots of different jars of flavoured nut butters!

I haven't actually taken many photos of my eating today. The children and I had a chilled out morning at home. They watched Anastasia DVD and I did the annoying thing of taking photos of them...they looked so cute!! ;)

Toby likes to go behind the sofa & lean over the back rather than sitting on it!

Then this afternoon we went out for ice cream (I had a latte, but also some of Toby's lemon meringue ice cream, yum!) before Izzy's swimming lesson. I hadn't been planning to take her as it's half term and I wanted a break, but I persuaded myself to make the effort and I'm so glad I did. Only Izzy and 2 other children turned up so the teacher was able to pay more attention to each child, and Izzy got moved up to the next stage :-) I've thought that she's been ready for a few weeks, but the teacher had to go through a checklist before she could move up, so I guess there was more time for that today. It does mean a later lesson though - we won't get home until 6.15pm on swimming days now! Part of them growing up...I'm only just getting used to after-school activities so I'll just have to re-organise our after-school routine a bit.

Once we got home, I made pasta bake for the others but didn't eat any I was going to the gym! Haha, first time in ages. I'd actually been thinking of cancelling my membership but now I'm going to give it another month to see how often I go. Tonight I went with my sister, Sarah, which was good motivation - now she's moved back to our town I'm hoping that I might start exercising more often again...she's a good influence! And - the exciting exercise mentioned in the title - Sarah mentioned that she and her boyfriend were planning to go to Body Pump on Friday so I'm going to tag along! After reading about lots of you going to Body Pump I've really wanted to go, but our local gym doesn't do the class. I can't don't drive so I haven't been able to try it out, but as my sister and her boyfriend are going I'm going to go with them. Excited! :-) Some weeks Sarah & I are going to try out Boxercise on a Thursday instead - it will be good to try out some interesting classes and hopefully find things I really enjoy so that exercise becomes something I don't always have to force myself to do.

Have you ever done Body Pump? What should I know?? How do you decide what weights to use? Etc etc!! And any other recommendations for "fun" classes to try? Once it gets warmer I want to start swimming again too - that's one exercise I do actually really enjoy, but the thought of the 15 minute walk home in the cold with wet hair is not appealing at the moment! Whenever I say that to my Mum, she does point out that I could dry my hair at the pool so I suppose that is a bit of an excuse!! ;)


  1. I love the sound of your peanut flour sauce. I'm a big snack plate fan too!

    1. The peanut flour sauce is great, so versatile too - I made a chocolate version yesterday. Not quite Justin's or PB&Co, but still really good! :)

  2. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT BODY PUMP!!!!! Because I can't do it right now I am just excited when other people get to go! Make sure you get there 5/10 mins early, and speak to the instructor. They will tell you which weights to have- you will generally need heavier weights (not crazy heavy) for squats and lunges, and lighter weights for the arm stuff. Depends on the gym but my one had 1.25kg/2.5kg/5kg weights, so new starters would have 1.25kg on each side for arms, and 2.5 or 5kg for leg stuff. They always say go lighter in your first week as you want to get to the end of each track, and next time you go you can add more. Esp with some where the form is important (eg not slouching, stuff like that). But honestly just tell the instructor- my one will say to the people "the next track is chest, so go lighter than what you just used" and so on. You also need other equipment like a step, mat, and sometimes dumbbells, but again the instructor will tell you and I am sure the other people in the class will help too. I could go on for ages!
    And that peanut sauce looks lovely. And does the mint chocolate. Mmm.

    1. Haha, your excitement is contagious!! :-D

      Thanks for the tip about going a bit early - I will pass that on to my sister. And for the weights advice. I have no clue, so like you say, not the end of the world if the weights end up being too light for the first week, hopefully we'll be going again other times! :)

  3. I tried BodyPump for the first time last week! I would deffo recommend talking to the instructor first, as Maria suggested. Without my instructor's guidance I would have been lost! Also, try to position yourself towards the back of the class so that you can watch what other people do when it comes to lifting.
    I hope you enjoy it! I loved it!

    1. Oooh yey, glad you loved it! I really hope our class has a good instructor - sounds like it's essential! :)

  4. Hi, found you via Running Cupcake. I Did Pump this morning, keeping my weights light right now, as i am marathon training and need to make sure i am fit to run 7 miles tomorrow morning.

    A great instructor will check who is new to pump, if not tell them. They should also guide you though the moves & weight selection. They should let you know what fraction of your warm up weight to use for that track. For example for the bigger (harder) tracks such as squats you can go double your warm up weight.

    I'm with maria, get the form/technique right before increasing the weights. Its a good safety point rather than anything else, plus you won't benefit as much if you aren't doing the moves right.

    I'm a big fan of all the Les Mills stuff, we've just got the new CX Works which is their new 30 minute core workout. My other favourite is Body Step, Body balance is great for chilling out. Body combat is great for getting out aggression. I do miss some of the freestyle aerobics classes & step classes done by the instructors though. Can you tell i'm a gym addict?! (plus i'm missing it a bit because of marathon training but with 1/6 of my £3000 target i'm reminded why i'm doing it & i'll be back there full time before i know it.)

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! :) & thanks so much for all your advice - really helpful. Sounds like a good instructor will really make a difference, fingers crossed!

      Thanks for all the other class recommendations too - I love reading other people's enthusiasm. I have to fit which classes I go to around when Liam is home/I can get someone to look after the children etc but hopefully I'll be able to try some new classes out.

  5. PS- Look here
    they normally have some little videos on there too.
    But the instructor will show you and if you are unsure you can always watch the first time they do the move (as moves are repeated during the same track if that makes sense).

    1. Oooh thank you, I will have a look at those in a bit. My sister and her boyfriend are both more regular gym goers than me, but hopefully I won't make too much of a fool of myself in the class! ;) Sure (hope) it will be fine!! :)

    2. You won't make a fool of yourself- they have new people all the time. It honestly is much easier than an aerobics class or something, because the instructor talks through all the moves, counts through all the moves (eg down for 4, up for 4 counts and so on) and you can copy her and everyone else too. Plus you stay in your own spot instead of moving all over the place so I think it is less daunting too.

  6. Good job on going to the gym! I've been to Body Pump once and I couldn't move for a week afterwards! It is hardcore. Haven't been since :) I used to LOVE going to body balance- you feel relaxed and like you've had a workout afterwards x

    1. Haha, don't say that! I need to be able to move around after the children!! I used slightly heavier than normal weights when I went to the gym with my sister on Monday and really felt it yesterday...I'm sure Body Pump will be much worse but hopefully it shows that it's doing something!!

  7. Thanks everyone! Body Pump booked for Friday so I am definitely going, can't wait! :-D

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