Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

This morning, I couldn't resist a repeat of yesterday's Cocoa-Raspberry "Pudding" Smoothie...

except I was all out of frozen raspberries, so used frozen black cherries instead, and reduced the Sweet Freedom to 10g as the cherries were sweeter...

This was sooo yummy again! I think I slightly preferred the raspberry version as the tang of the raspberries was a good contrast to the chocolate, whereas this cherry version was uniformly sweet and you couldn't really distinguish the cherry taste. Still absolutely delicious though :)

After breakfast, it was time to head down to the seafront for our town's Good Friday tradition. If you're prepared to wait in the queue (it was halfway down the street when we reached it, then snaked all the way around a car park, but luckily was fast moving so probably only took about 20 minutes)...

then each child gets rewarded with a paper bag containing 2 hot cross buns from a local bakery, a creme egg and an orange...

Yum. Daughter and baby each munched a hot cross bun on the walk home, but luckily there was one left for me! Plus an extra creme egg we bought on the way home, Liam and daughter ate the free ones but I didn't want to miss out!

The hot cross bun was so fresh, perfect with just a little butter...

and the creme egg was quite yummy too!

I wish I'd eaten them the other way round though - as much as I like creme eggs, the hot cross bun was the taste I wanted left in my mouth! That was my first hot cross bun of the year!! I might have to buy some more tomorrow :)

Despite the larger than usual morning snack, I was ready for lunch a few hours later. Fried eggs, cheese, ketchup and a sesame seed bagel...

Liam and I had ours as sandwiches...

but daughter decided she wanted hers as a happy face!

Cute! Notice the cheese tongue? She insisted on it, bless, and ketchup was added later but I'm not sure if that was named as a part of the face!! I still think I got the better deal taste-wise with melted cheese, mmm, but hers looked quite cool and encouraged her to eat it all so I consider it a success!

Once Liam had gone to work, the children and I snacked on some of these yoghurt coated cranberries...

These were quite nice, but got sickly quite quickly so we didn't eat too many.

Once the children were in bed, it was time for dinner. As always seems to be the case on Fridays, I was too tired to cook. I had a pot of Total Greek yoghurt that needed using though so I decided to blend it up with a few other ingredients...

Banana Sweet "Cream" - rubbish name I know, but I didn't know what to call it!
  • 1 large banana
  • 170g pot Total Greek yoghurt
  • peanut butter (didn't weigh, probably 40-50g)
  • honey (again, probably 20-30g)
Blended all together, this resulted in a gorgeous creation...

the photos do not do this justice, but it was amazing. More of a pudding than a smoothie, this was thick, creamy and a perfect combo of two of my fave sandwich fillings - peanut butter and banana and mashed banana with honey - one to make again when I'm wanting something sweet! :)

Not the most dinner-like dinner, but pretty healthy for a dessert! I've also had a couple of unpictured snacks today, including a Nature Valley mixed berry chewy trail mix bar just now. I've had the fruit & nut flavour before which I loved, but this one was quite artificial tasting...not one I'll be buying again.

Anyway, think that's my day pretty much covered. Hope everyone else enjoyed the Bank Holiday and is having a great weekend!


  1. i just found your blog!! SUCH A CUTE NAME!!! love it!! and love your breakfast too :D yay for another brit!

  2. Love the smiley face meal ~ I was all about the creatively presented food when I was a kid too.

    And it's such a sweet tradition that your town has: I think it should be extended nationwide :)

    Have a lovley Easter week-end.


  3. I love the smiley face!
    And that tradition is such a lovely idea.
    I love hot cross buns, esp toasted with peanut butter!

  4. Carrie - thanks, glad you found me! :)

    Jess & Maria - daughter is definitely getting more into helping create her own food at the moment (again at breakfast today), I like getting her involved, and it's fun for both of us! :)
    The Good Friday thing is especially great as everyone tends to go onto the seafront afterwards (the hot cross buns etc are given out in a carpark right by the seafront) so it's nice to be able to catch up with lots of people you don't normally see that often.

    Will have to try a hot cross bun with peanut butter, I've only ever had them with plain butter before. Someone on Twitter recommended hot cross buns with clotted cream too so lots of new things to try!

    Hope you're all having good weekends xx


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