Thursday, 28 April 2011

Smoothie + Quesadillas + Much Needed Hair Cut

When I finished posting this morning, I went for a much needed nap. Liam took baby into town once he woke up, so I managed to have almost 2 hours uninterrupted sleep, bliss! Liam and baby also seemingly had fun playing with dinosaurs - I found this photo on the camera just now... was feeding the dinosaur shreddies and then cleaning his teeth...a future dentist perhaps?

When I did wake up, I wanted lunch, but still felt quite full from the pancakes I had for breakfast. A smoothie it was! I wanted to use my new smoothie glasses, but they are so tiny that it filled two!

Double Green Tropical Layered Smoothie
  • 1 small avocado (about 90g)
  • 40g spinach
  • 150g pineapple, frozen
  • 100ml milk
  • 8g agave nectar
  • 20g dessicated coconut
  • 25g dried mango, chopped
I didn't have any bananas, hence the double green - the avocado is a good substitute to provide a creamy texture. As you can see I layered one glass with coconut and one glass with mango. They don't look perfect, but they tasted great!

the avocado makes it really thick and creamy, yum.

After my smoothie lunch, it was time to go for a much needed haircut - I hadn't had it cut since before Christmas at the earliest! Before photo (and the reason I usually tie it up!)...

and after - not straightened but still a big improvement I think!

Not as much as a difference as I might have gone for - for the summer I will probably have it cut a bit shorter than this, and I normally have more layers and shaping put in, but the hairdresser wanted to leave it alone as much as possible so we have more hair to play around with for the wedding do! Booked a practise run in a couple of week's time, exciting, all seems to be happening really quickly now!

Once home, I had a couple of spoonfuls of Dark Chocolate Dreams to keep me going...

This is soooo good. Much nicer, and nowhere near as sickly sweet, as Nutella, and I love the slightly crunchy peanut texture. New favourite, got to make it last though! I know I said I'd post this evening about the other things that came in the delivery, but I'm running a bit behind schedule as just after I started this post, my Mum turned up to discuss wedding stuff for a couple of hours, and I need to get to bed soon as shattered!

Luckily, dinner was quick to make tonight - quesadillas. The others had tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise, but I tried a new-to-me combination - pesto, mozzarella and spinach...

This was delicious...

a fantastic combo - the mozzarella and pesto went so well together and the spinach provided a slight texture contrast. Definitely one to repeat! :)

This afternoon, Liam came home with a bag of chocolate brownies from the local shop...

most of them were thin and slightly crispy, but there was one fudgy one...

Amazingly, as I ate this two hours ago, this has kept me going all evening and I haven't eaten anything else all evening. Goes to show a small amount of something really good is better than lots of something not so satisfying. Except when I'm in an 'eat everything in sight' mood of course!!
Right, off to bed. Fingers crossed I manage more sleep than the 4 hours I got last night!

PS. was just about to hit post when realised I hadn't thought of a title...I'm tired and after staring blankly at the screen for 5 minutes, decided going to bed was more important than trying to be creative!!


  1. Love the sound of your quesadillas!

  2. Your hair looks lovely!

  3. Thanks guys, I definitely feel less dreary now I've had my hair cut...must remember to go more often in future!!

    & the quesadillas were delish, definitely recommend! :)

  4. I love mozzarella and spinach quesadillas~ especially with a good quality pesto! Thank you for the wholesome recipe ideas :)


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