Thursday, 28 April 2011

Need More Sleep + Pancakes

I have been awake since 3.30am. Not good. Especially as the children didn't wake up til 7am so I have no one to blame but myself. At 5am I gave up, went downstairs and made the first of two (so far) maple walnut lattes, mmm, caffeine.

What could make my morning better?

Fluffy American-style pancakes with chocolate chips?

Good. But even better when covered in sliced banana, peanut butter and copious amounts of maple syrup (I poured more on after every few bites!)...

Oh yes.

My mood was also improved when the postman rang the doorbell.

This rather plain looking box contained several goodies which I will post about later. For now it's enough to say it contained a few jars of this...

Maybe my day won't be so bad after all. But I'm off to have a nap now just to make sure. Night!


  1. Dark Chocolate Dreams is amazing! You will love it!!!

  2. Lucky you!!! I love that stuff!! :)

  3. Is that chocolate peanut butter? I have heard of this mystical thing but alas I have never seen one :) Probably a good thing. I like my chocolate chip panckaes with baby m and ms (for the colour)

  4. It is indeed chocolate peanut butter, and it is indeed amazing! :) Pancakes with baby m&ms sound cute! I'll have to try some with a melted banana tomorrow Jemma, that sounded so good! Maria - did you order some off the site Jess recommended? Hope you manage to get your hands on some soon, although your homemade version looked great too! :)


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